The live-streamer has long been criticising casino-streamers. He describes these types of streams as morally reprehensible. His fans were really surprised when a few days ago he of all people announced such a casino stream. However, this worked out differently than one had initially thought.

Around a week ago we had reported about a fight between several Twitch-Stars on Gamescom. Among other things this fight was about casino-streams. Whilst Tanzverbot has long been condemning all kind of streams of games of chance, Twitch-colleagues Orangemorange and Scurrows have been making a fortune from the streams. Meanwhile it had originally looked as if Tanzverbot would be jumping on the wagon and wanted to stream games of chance content. He wholeheartedly announced a casino-stream – and then he surprised everyone.

“Tanzi’s Casino-Stream” surprised his community

Tanzverbot has more than 672,000 fans just on Twitch. A few days ago he announced a spectacular casino-stream for the 2nd of September at 20:00 hrs. The livestreamer has also came up with a name: “Tanzi’s Casino-Stream”. He had advertised his stream with the words “fuck everything. Come by on Friday!”. His fans were immediately sceptical and had doubts whether Tanzverbot actually planned this event. One of his followers commented on Twitch just after the event was announced:

“As if you really mean this. It would be the crash of the year, Diggi.”

Tanzverbot wearing shirt, Rolex and sunglasses

The 25-year-old smartened himself up for the promised casino stream. Besides a smart shirt and sunglasses, he was wearing a Rolex watch. However, a short while later came the “Aha” experience for all viewers. When he tried to register on an online casino the unexpected notice came up on the screen “Casino sucks” . Tanzverbot announced an advertising partnership with a law firm. The aim was to request a reimbursement of casino losses. We had recently reported that the District Court of Wuppertal has refused a claim for casino losses.

Tanzverbot is a successful live-streamer, who currently has 672,950 followers just on Twitch. He is actually called Kilian Roberto Heinrich and streams under the name of Tanzverbot. He was born in 1997 in Berlin-Pankow. Tanzverbot himself states that he was bullied at school. He left school early when he was in the 8th. year.

Tanzverbot continues to demonise casino-streams

The widely announced casino-event live-stream was over after just a short while. Tanzverbot remains faithful to his principles and still distances himself from all casino streamers whom he accuses of being morally corrupt. In November of last year we had reported about a fight between the Twitch-Streamers MontanaBlack and Tanzverbot.


The majority of the fans of Tanzverbot were not really surprised when the announced casino stream ended before it had even started. At the end of the day Tanzverbot has long been famous for his critical stance on casino streams. When he announced his casino-stream he had managed to attract a lot of attention.

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