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GambleJoe's Online Casinos

  • The best Online Casinos

    Those interested in gambling will find the right online casino in our comparison portal. Thanks to numerous filtering and sorting options, our comparison website is the perfect guide through the jungle of all the providers.

  • Real player's opinions

    Share your experience and opinon with our community.

  • Bonus & Promotions

    Nearly each and every gambling provider offers miscellaneous offers for new and also for registered players. As a serious online portal, we do not only show the bonuses, but also point out the wagering requirements.

    Please note: Nearly every bonus has certain wagering requirements. Therefore, we highly recommend to read and understand these terms and conditions and to waive the bonus in case of doubt.

  • Our Mission: Safe, legal, fair!

    We have laboriously built the confidence of our community over the years. In order to keep this trust, we completely renounce the listing of online casinos which work with illegally fake games. Online Casinos, that are licenced outside of Europe or have been struck by fraud in the past are also not listed on our website. At GambleJoe, players will find only reputable online casinos, which are regulated in Europe, working with original softwares and offer secure, encrypted payment options.

Teaserpicture Online Casinos comparison
Frequently used search options:
  • If this option is ticked, only online casinos which offer slots machines will be displayed. Slot Machines are random and sometimes elaborately animated games of chance. In casinos, slot games are referred to a small game.

  • If this option is activated, only online casinos which offer live games will be listed. In live casinos, players can play classic table games such as roulette, blackjack or baccarat with real dealers and chat with other players. The actual game is transmitted live via webcam.

  • If this option is ticked, only online casinos which offer the common poker versions such as Hold’em, Texas Hold‘em, Draw or Stud Poker will be listed. When we mention 'Poker' we mean that you can play against other players. Online casinos that only offer video poker or other variations of this game are excluded by activating this option.

  • If this option is activated, only online casinos will be listed that also act as bookmakers and offer sports betting.

  • If this option is ticked, only online casinos which offer PayPal as payment option will be displayed. In Germany, PayPal is a widely used and popular online payment method. However, currently not many online casinos offer PayPal as a payment option.

Compare the most popular Online Casinos

The 10 best Online casinos in February 2023

  • GambleJoe Ranking
  • User Ranking
  • Casino
  • Bonus

    Every casino bonus is linked to certain wagering requirements, which sometimes differ greatly between the providers. In the following chart, you can see a rough excerpt from these terms.

    A breach of the bonus terms may result in the loss of winnings. Therefore, we highly recommend to players who want to play with a bonus to inform themselves at the respective online casino regarding the terms and conditions and in case of doubt to refuse the bonus.

  • Game Selection
  • Ratings
  • Links
Logo Kakadu
100 % Bonus up to 250 €
highly recommended
Logo PinoCasino
100 % Bonus up to 150 €
highly recommended
Logo CrazePlay Casino
100 % Bonus up to 1000 €
highly recommended
Logo Casino Universe
100 % Bonus up to 1000 €
highly recommended
Logo Turbico
100 % Bonus up to 111 €
highly recommended
Logo Whamoo
100 % Bonus up to 200 €
highly recommended
Logo Spinnalot
100 % Bonus up to 200 €
highly recommended
Logo Nightrush
100 % Bonus up to 111 €
highly recommended
Logo Maneki Casino
100 % Bonus up to 111 €
highly recommended
Logo West
100 % Bonus up to 200 €
suggested as good

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Compare Online Casinos

You are looking for a reputable Online Casino, but you have not found yet a professional and trustworthy Online Casino? There you go, no need to look any further: On our website you will find a list showing the best casino for players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We always do our best to meet the needs of our visitors and therefore we have the right supplier and the right offers for every taste. With just a few clicks, you can get an overview of all bonuses and games offered by each online casino. Thanks to authentic reviews and real player ratings you will be able to make the right decision.

Why should you check out our website?

There is an unmanageable number of gambling sites on the internet. At the moment, 87% of these sites are run by a few, large and purely commercial marketing agencies. These dubious companies are buying websites and producing quick spam sites, which they then push up through illegal methods in the search results.

Our minimum requirements
  • Valid European Gambling License
  • Exclusive use of an audited casino software
  • Secure, encrypted payment transactions
  • Player Protection Concept

Since search engines will notice this spam and regularly banish these pages from the index, the operators of the casino and sports betting sites remove them in their short or longer success periods. Regardless of losses, dubious online casinos are also highly praised in casino reviews written by copywriters.
Unfortunately, there are also gambling companies without a license and/or fake software, where players not only expose themselves to the risk of an unfair game, but also through the Join in German law even commit a criminal offense!

Unlike these sites, GambleJoe is a player-developed, naturally-grown casino portal which first started off as being a hobby. However it has grown over the years into the first full-fledged casino comparison portal in the German-speaking world. Due to the gambling honor but also not to jeopardize the hard-earned confidence of our community, we completely renounce the listing of illegal online casinos. Also casinos, which are regulated by supervisory authorities outside of Europe, we reject.

According to the motto: Online casinos are replaceable, but never the trust of a community!

Players can be sure that only online casinos are found on our platform, which meet our minimum standards. These standards guarantee our users the highest possible level of security, compatibility with German law and a fair, random-based course of the games.

New Online Casinos

  • Casino
  • Bonus

    Every casino bonus is linked to certain wagering requirements, which sometimes differ greatly between the providers. In the following chart, you can see a rough excerpt from these terms.

    A breach of the bonus terms may result in the loss of winnings. Therefore, we highly recommend to players who want to play with a bonus to inform themselves at the respective online casino regarding the terms and conditions and in case of doubt to refuse the bonus.

  • Game Selection
  • Ratings
  • Links
100 % Bonus up to 700 €
suggested as good
suggested as good
100 % Bonus up to 100 €
suggested as good
suggested as good

Frequently asked questions & answers

What is needed in order to play in an online casino as well as to deposit and withdraw funds?

Firstly, you need to have an internet connection to be able to play online. Secondly, an account with a bank, Paypal, Neteller or Skrill is required to be able to deposit or withdraw funds. WIth regards to the account, it is very important that the account used for deposits has to be in the name of the player. Prior to being able to make the first withdrawal, online casinos have to verify the identity of the player. The verification has two components – Identity and Address, so you will need to provide a proof of Identity such as ID, Passport or Driving License and a proof of residential address. Online Casinos accept the following kinds of documents as a proof of residence: recent utility bill such as gas, water, electric, landline phone, cable TV. Such docuements can be submitted via email as a scanned copy or take a photograph by using your smartphone or camera.

How old do I have to be to play in an online casino?

Players must be at least 18 years of age to participate in gambling. Online casinos will proof the identity and age of the players at the latest prior to the first payout by requesting an identity card, passport or drivering license. Winnings will never be paid out to underage players. Therefore it makes no sense for minors to register at an online casino and play for real money!

Is a player account at the online casino for free?

Yes, the registration and also the membership is in any online casino completely free at any time. We will not list any casino which charges fees for the use of its gaming platform. Players can decide at any time when, where and how much they play.

Is my data secure?

All online casinos listed on GambleJoe must comply with the EU Privacy Policy. These guidelines state that data may only be collected for specific and legitimate purposes and must be kept safe and secure from the access by thrid parties. Therefore, the provided data in online casinos are as safe or uncertain as in any other larger company in Germany and Europe. From an economic point of view, it makes no sense for online casinos to sell data to third-parties. Therefore, you can be sure that your personal data will not be released unless the online casinos are forced by law.

How long does it take to receive my winnings?

As it differs from provider to provider, it is not possible to make a general statement. A good online casinos processes a withdraw within a few hours but on the other hand it can also take up to 10 days. Our Community has the option to rate the quality of a casino, especially to give feedback regarding the withdrawals.

Who guarantees that online casinos really pay out my winnings?

The chance of finding an online casino listet on our website, which does not pay out your winnings, is very low. In case an online casino does not process the withdrawal, we would like to urge to our members to share their experience and the sooner or later the casino will be placed on our blacklist from our end. Also, should a casino refuse the payment, players can either discuss this matter in our forum or file a complaint directly with the European Supervisory Authority e.g. the MGA in Malta, Isle of Man etc. This supervisory authority then decides on the respective case. Please note, that there are many online casinos on the market which are not licensed or having a week license. However, we decided not to list casinos of this kind as they might cause issues.

Why are most of the casinos situated abroad?

Most online casinos are situated abroad, since Germany, with the exception of Schleswig-Holstein, currently does not grant licenses to online gambling operators. Tax benefits also play an important role. There are a few online casinos that own a German gambling license in Schleswig-Holstein. This lisense is valid only for the said state and means that players from other states are not allowed to play in these online casinos. However, we have noticed that those online casinos try to apply for a second lisense with e.g. the Maltese Gambling Authority, Isle of Man, etc. in order to provide players from other states access to their offer. If you have a look on our platform, you can sort the casinos by the given lisense.

Is online gambling legal?

This question cannot be answered with a simple yes or a no. The answer depends on the jurisdiction or country where one is living. What is legal in one country, can be criminal or sinful in other countries. In some cultures, gambling can be illegal for moral or religious reasons. Many argue that it does not make sense to ban gambling completely as people will still find a way to gamble illegally and this could have much more serious consequences. Therefore many countries prefer to promote safe legal gambling which protects the gamblers, especially those who might be caught in the web of gambling addiction.
Different countries have different laws for different forms of gambling which can vary from lotteries, to sports bets, to casinos. One can easily do some homework before gambling and research whether gambling is legal in the country where one is based. Whereas it is very easy to gamble on offshore websites, one has to be aware that these have no legal obligation to hand out payments to you.
Some countries where gambling is illegal are: United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Cambodia and North Korea.

Should I declare tax on my winnings?

No, you do not have to declare tax on your winnings. Except for professional poker players, who gain regular income through special skills over a long period of time. Unlike poker, games like roulette, blackjack, slot games etc. are pure games of chance in which no permanent profit can be achieved. Therefore, winnings from said games are always tax-free.

Are Online Casino games manupilated? If not, how do I know?

The chance to play manipulated games in licensed online casinos is much less than finding a manipulated slot machine, such as in arcades, gas stations, pubs, etc. We can confirm, that online casinos have absolutely no access to all the slot games, since those are hosted by the providers and the results come from their external servers. In addition to that, the providers are separately licensed by the regulatory authorities and among other things, the software has to be checked monthly by independent laboratories. The online casinos themselves have no influence on the games and essentially take over only the marketing, processing payments and providing customer service. The odds are for all the casinos the same. This does not apply for online casinos that are operated illegally and without a gambling license. However, we make sure that casinos as such are not listed on Gamblejoe, since a casual and fair game can not be guaranteed.

Bonus & Promotions: what is the catch?

Bonuses in online casinos are not gifts to the players, but an advertising medium for the acquisition of new customers. The purpose of a bonus is that more or less new players have the chance to get to know the casino and its games. Each bonus offer is tied to certain terms and conditions, which players should adhere stricly! Violations against such terms and conditions result in your winnings not being paid out. Therefore, we highly suggest to always read carefully the respective conditions or in case of doubt to play better without the bonus. Incidentally, bonuses are designed in such a way that they do not lead to any losses among the providers and as a player you need some luck to be able to release bonus. Statistically speaking, it is generally better to play without a bonus.

What are my chances of winning?

All games of chance generally have a negative expectation. As a player, you must always expect to lose in the long run. There are no tricks for online casinos, nor strategies that would change that fact. To better assess personal odds, you have to know how gambling works. To explain this, however, would go beyond the scope of this FAQ. On our guide page (to be found in the main menu of this website) this question will be discussed in detail. Anyone who has read and understood the companion can call themselves a professional player and knows how to correctly assess their chances of winning.

My gaming behaviour worries me, what should I do?

Gambling can be addictive! Once you realize that gambling leads to disproportionately high losses and / or that your work or private life suffers or threatens to suffer, you should do something about it. In every city, there are psychologists, addiction advisory centers or other support aid clinics which will advise and help people with gambling problems or pronounced gambling addictions. As already menntioned, all online casinos listed on GambleJoe have a player protection concept. This means that players can set and modify their own daily, weekly and monthly limits by filling out a form or contacing the online casino support directly. In urgent cases, you can self-exclude and close your account for a certain amount of time or indefinitely. Online casinos are required by law to immediately close player accounts at the request of the player. But remember, it is your responsibility to contact and inform the online casino if you feel you might be cexperiencing any gambling issues.

GambleJoe is aimed exclusively at user whose allowed to play legally with his current location in online casinos and does not violate the current law.
It is the responsibility of the user to inform himself about the current legal situation. Gambling is prohibited for children and adolescents under the age of 18.
GambleJoe is a registered trademark with the EUIPO of GJ International Ltd.

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