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Win your share of 2,580 GJ Coins with a total value of 1,832€ now!

We are giving away 60 times 43 GJ Coins
So far, 119.583€ has been distributed to the community.

The community is one of the most important parts of GambleJoe. We would like to thank our loyal users for their regular activity and give away a total of 2,580 GJ Coins every month. See the campaign as a thank you for the time you spend on GambleJoe and especially for the content you provide to help us make the portal the best international gambling community.

Since we cannot give gifts to all users at the same time, we decided on doing a lottery among active members. A member is active if he or she achieves a minimum score of 750 points for two months in a row. How does it work in practice?

The GJ Coins are being given to our Community on the 1st day of each month. To participate in the lottery for the respective month, you must have collected at least 750 activity points in the two preceding months. The system will automatically select you for the lottery if you have reached the minimum number of points. Your username will then be shown in our lottery video and with a bit of luck you will win in July 43 GJ Coins with a total value of 30.53 €.

The best thing about the new lottery is the flexibility it gives you. On the one hand, you can collect an unlimited number of coins and enjoy the fact that we have built in a value increase feature.
The GJ Coins you accumulate on your membership account become more valuable each month. On the other hand, you can now decide when you want to redeem your GJ Coins. We will be introducing more redemption options over time.

How can I get activity points on GambleJoe?

We are giving away GJ Coins

Registered members earn points for their activities on GambleJoe. These points are displayed in their entirety in your personal score. In addition, registered users are shown a graphic in the dashboard, where they can see if the minimum number of points has already been reached.

In the you can see Daniel's avatar and underneath it is written "Basic activity". Two filling bars show whether the minimum number of points for the current month and the previous month has already been reached. If both bars are green (and no longer red), a green tick will appear underneath and a message will appear to indicate that the points have been reached. As the draw is always held on the first day of the month, points for the next promotion start at the beginning of the new month.

You can win GJ Coins every month. As a result, once you've achieved participation, you build on the previous month's activity. Then you just have to reach the 750 points for the current month. As a regular GambleJoe user, you always have a small head start and can take part in the lottery faster.

How many points do I get for what?

In terms of user activity, we have tried to prioritise different forms of participation. Casino reviews and winning videos are particularly important because they require more effort and differentiate GambleJoe from other gambling sites. Slot reviews and forum posts count less because people spend much less time on them.

Here is an up-to-date overview of the different types of participation and the points available for each:

  • Activity bonus
    Every 24 hours you will receive 10 activity points when you log in.
  • Winning Picture Upload
    You will receive 40 points for every checked winning picture upload with the associated data.
  • Winning Video Upload
    You will receive 200 points for every checked winning video upload with the associated data.
  • Slot review
    Rate the slot machine games and earn 3 points for each rating. 20 game reviews are paid per day.
  • Casino review
    Create an honest and complete casino review and earn 100 points.
  • Registration & Verification
    You will receive 50 points for your registration and subsequent verification of your email address!
  • Comment
    For your first 5 approved comments (per day) you will receive 10 points from GambleJoe!
  • Forum activity
    You will receive 15 points for each of your forum posts.
  • No Deposit Bonus
    For each submitted and verified no deposit bonus you will be credited with 20 points.

Thank you for your help!

GambleJoe has been growing rapidly over the past few months and this is reflected in increased user activity. We would like to reward our loyal users with these promotions. Please take this promotion as a thank you from us and not as a competition.

Please don't forget that everyone is doing their part to ensure that our community continues to grow and that GambleJoe becomes everything we have always dreamed of. So we can proudly say that we have the best community!

We wish all members good luck!

GambleJoe team

GambleJoe is aimed exclusively at user whose allowed to play legally with his current location in online casinos and does not violate the current law.
It is the responsibility of the user to inform himself about the current legal situation. Gambling is prohibited for children and adolescents under the age of 18.
GambleJoe is a registered trademark with the EUIPO of GJ International Ltd.

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