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About GambleJoe

GambleJoe is an online casino portal where players can compare and rate online casinos. In addition, our portal offers serious information in the form of news, authentic casino reviews, winning videos and much more.

Who is behind Gamblejoe?

My name is Daniel and I'm the founder and CEO of GambleJoe. I was born in October 1982 in Stuttgart and I am a specialist in computer science/ system integration. I started to play by the end of 2009 when I was sitting in pub of my friend and saw the slot machine of Novoline. Since then, I played together with Tobias, a friend and former business colleague, regularly on slot machines of the brands Novoline and Merkur.

Since July 2015 Matthias joined this project. Matthias was born in December 1985 in Berlin and lives nowadays in Malta. He is the founder and CEO of a web-development company and together with Daniel's team, he takes care of the technical development of our website. Matthias is not only a true Berliner, but also a passionate player and high roller, who plays since 2003 with high stakes in online casinos and land-based casinos.

The history of GambleJoe

GambleJoe was created by myself in the late year of 2012. It all started in 2008 when I suffered a breakdown and during that time I spent most of the time in the pub, playing regularly on slot machines and unfortunately, I became addicted to gambling. Most of the time I played by myself, also sometimes with my friend and also former business colleague Tobias in this pub to the excess of three Merkur and Novoline slot machines. A short time later, we also played in gambling halls and lost in a short time all our savings. Despite these negative experiences, until August 2011 we played regularly in such locations until all our winnings were mostly gone.

In August 2011, I entered the first time a land based casino and played on Slot Machines. Why should I lose more money when playing online than in land based casinos? Nevertheless, I was skeptical and therefore I always recorded my game sessions on video. These videos may serve as proof in case an online casino struggles with possible payouts. After a short period of time, I noticed that while losing money in online casinos but not so fast. However, I can win sums that are hardly or not at least to achieve in land based casinos. Since I also won higher amounts and the payouts ran smoothly, I decided to play only in online casinos and to stay away from the games halls/land based casinos.

By recommending several casino sites I was pointed to a dubious online casino, which made problems with the first payout. When I asked the site operators, I either received no or a standard response from a major marketing company that owned almost all casino websites.

Obviously I was disappointed about what happened and thereupon I wanted to develop the first large and reputable online casino portal in the German-speaking area. By the original "evidence videos" I had also discovered a unique selling point for GambleJoe: At that time, a casino website which regularly publishes real winning videos of game sessions at online casinos did not exist!

With the aim of creating real added value I started developing our GambleJoe website with the support of Tobias in August 2012. However, Tobias started voluntarily a therapy regarding his gambling addiction in the beginning of 2013 thus he had retreated himself from the project. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to continue this project alone for a long time.

Over time, GambleJoe became more and more popular and gained more and more confidence in the gaming community. In addition to running this portal, I responded to every player request and tried to do my best to help personally. During that time, I met many other players - including Matthias - with which I kept in touch and also organized some gambling session.

In May 2015, I wanted to cancel this project due to personal reasons, but was persuaded by Matthias to continue. At the same time he offered me his help and cooperation in the development of GambleJoe. With an improved concept, I traveled to Berlin a month later to meet Matthias personally. We understood each other well and decided to work together in the future and to develop the portal together.

Since that time a lot has happened, I even traveled to Malta and incorporated my company called GJ International Limited. Originally, the foundation of the company only served the purpose of increasing the legal security of this portal. Due to the largely friendly people, the better player protection (there are no slot machines outside of casinos) and due to the depression-mitigating climate, I decided to turn my back on Germany (March 2016) and moved completely to Malta.

Today, GambleJoe has become the best and most successful online casino portal in German-speaking countries thanks to its hard work, patience and creativity, but above all its high level of trustworthiness. We will remain loyal to our principle and players are always in the center of our attention.

Why the name GambleJoe?

GambleJoe is a Nickname, which was assigned to me by the host of the pub, where I started to play on Slot Machines.

Originally, when I startet developing this portal, I was looking for a different domain name, which included the keywords "casino" or "online casino". Unfortunately, every domain was already being used, so I decided to use the name GambleJoe as a domain- and brand name for this portal.

What is so special about GambleJoe?

Our portal has many unique selling points in the area of online casino. Also on GambleJoe many ideas have been implemented for the first time in German-speaking countries:

  • We are the first online casino portal powered by real players.
  • All our casino reviews and reviews are 100% authentic.
  • We were the first ones who regularly publishes real money winning videos of online casinos.
  • We were the first ones to allow visitors to rate online casinos.
  • We put the players and not the online casinos or Google at the center of consideration.
  • We have grown natural for years and not because of added spam amp; co.
  • We are also critical if we need to.
  • The software for this portal was developed by ourself and is not a modular system.
  • Under the section Beginners, we provide valuable, not gambling-glorifying educational work on different topics. Also, we were the first to provide in-depth information on the operation of offline and online slot machines, payout percentage, variance, and so on.
  • We are real people who value their users and like to help and advise them personally within our capabilities.

How to earn money with this online casino portal?

Like almost every website, we finance ourselves through advertising revenue. A project of this size requires a lot of work and we want and need to make money to keep us and this project alive.

But we are still independent because we are not dependent on individual online casinos. Should we become aware of dubious practices of one of our listed casinos and can confirm these, we will remove them immediately from our list, solely because of the gambling honor and the player solidarity.

Dubious online casinos, which are listed on our site, harm the long-term reputation of GambleJoe. Thus, those will be removed immediately. Compared to other websites, which are launched overnight by big and soulless marketing companies and deleted if necessary, we have put years of work into this portal. Because of this long-term approach, we have a strong interest in keeping our listed online casinos clean.

GambleJoe is aimed exclusively at user whose allowed to play legally with his current location in online casinos and does not violate the current law.
It is the responsibility of the user to inform himself about the current legal situation. Gambling is prohibited for children and adolescents under the age of 18.
GambleJoe is a registered trademark with the EUIPO of GJ International Ltd.

© 2012-2023

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