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GJ Coins: Contributing to the improvement of GambleJoe will be rewarded!

The GJ Coins are the new internal currency on GambleJoe. GJ Coins can be earned for error messages and suggestions for changes on certain pages. The GJ Coins can then be exchanged for voucher cards. Your help improves the quality of our website and you will get your share!

Help us and get GambleJoe Coins! Contributing to the improvement of GambleJoe will be rewarded.
So far, 0 coins have been given to the community.

What are GambleJoe Coins?

Up until now you could only collect points for the activity on GambleJoe. But now we would like to reward active participation in improving our portal. By reporting an error, you can earn GJ Coins.

A GJ coin has the equivalent of 54 cents. GJ Coins do not expire. On the contrary: they even increase in value. Every month the value of the GJ Coins increases by 1 cents. Collecting coins over months or even years can therefore be worthwhile. The coins can be exchanged for voucher cards for the equivalent value. For example, you can currently exchange 19 coins for a gift card worth of 10 Euro.

How can you earn GJ Coins?

You can report spelling mistakes or incorrect content via a new function. This applies, for example, to news, the detail pages of online casinos, the overview pages for games and winning pictures of other users. As soon as an error is detected while reading, it can be reported at the bottom of the page. A text field opens as soon as you click the "Report incorrect data" button.

There the error only needs to be briefly and precisely outlined. You then have to submit the report using the "Submit" button. The GambleJoe team then advises on the error message. If it is correct, the error will be fixed and you will receive GJ Coins. If the error message is incorrect, it will be rejected and you will receive feedback as a reason.

GJ Coins increase in value - it pays to save

A correct error message is worth 2 GJ Coins to us. At the start of our campaign in September 2020, we will therefore “pay” 50 cents for error messages. As it becomes more difficult to find incorrect content or spelling mistakes over time, the value of the coins increases continuously. Just one month later, the 2 coins for the report are already worth a total of 52 cents.

The exchange rate of the GJ Coins will probably always be automatically adjusted upwards on the 1st day of a new month, so that saving on larger payments can be worthwhile!

Note: A guarantee for a permanent increase in value of the GJ Coins is excluded in advance.

Which errors in the content can be reported?

The reporting function is currently limited to game detail pages, news and winning pictures. However, depending on the sub-page, there are some restrictions that must be observed:

  • News: Only misspellings and incorrect facts (such as years, incorrect names or the age of people) may be reported. Personal opinions (with no verifiable facts) that differ from the author's opinion cannot be considered as an error.
  • Game detail pages: Basically everything can be reported. However, before submitting your application, we ask you to observe the explanations in the tool tips for the individual sub-items. Some values ​​are only estimated in the games. Therefore, these are individual decisions. But you always get feedback on the decision so that you can understand why a report was rejected.
  • Winning Pictures: Errors in your own winning images cannot be reported. Furthermore, errors in the images can only be reported 5 days after the upload.
  • Test reviews: Since test reviews always reflect the status of the gambling provider on a certain date, we do not accept reports that are based on changed facts. However, incorrect images, broken links or spelling errors can be reported here.
  • Guidebook: Only spelling errors and incorrect facts may be reported. Personal opinions (without verifiable reference to the source) cannot be counted as errors.

In summary, you can currently receive GJ Coins for the following activities:

  • Error report to GJ
    If you find an error in a news article, casino or game data, you will receive 2 coins from us. This applies to concise and comprehensible errors and does not apply to values which are marked as estimated. Estimated values are used for values for which there are no clear or different statements on the internet.
  • GJ Coin Monthly Lottery
    As a further development of the monthly PSC raffle, the GJ Coin lottery has been available since November 2020. You can take part in this lottery once a month if you have reached the set minimum number of activity points.

How can I exchange the GJ Coins?

he exchange of GJ Coins is possible at any time in . There you can exchange your GJ Coins for paysafecards of various values. The minimum exchange amount is currently 19 coins.

Please note that we have to check the request manually. It can therefore take up to 5 days until you receive the selected voucher in your dashboard.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What do I have to consider with the reports?

There are no specifications for the messages in terms of content or structure. However, the error messages must be formulated in an understandable manner and consist of more than one word.

How many error messages can you report per page?

To protect us from misuse, only one error message per page can appear at the same time. As soon as another user reports an error on a page, the function is hidden on the reported page until the error message has been processed. Only then can other, new or further errors be reported on the same page.

Will I get more GJ Coins if I have multiple errors in one message?

For every error message you will receive 2 GJ Coins. It doesn't matter how many errors are described in the message at the end. The coins are available for each submitted report with positive feedback!

Can I make an unlimited number of reports?

To protect against spammers, a user can only submit 3 reports per day. If the value is exceeded, the messages are automatically no longer accepted.

How do I get feedback on the report?

Feedback can be obtained via the communicator. A team member can ask questions about the respective error message if there is anything unclear about the message. The final decision on a report is received as a GJ system message. You can then see the credit of the GJ Coins in your own profile.

General remark:
In order to collect GJ Coins, you must have a free and active account on GambleJoe. For more information, see the Virtual Currency ("GJ Coins")section of the Terms of Use.

GambleJoe is aimed exclusively at user whose allowed to play legally with his current location in online casinos and does not violate the current law.
It is the responsibility of the user to inform himself about the current legal situation. Gambling is prohibited for children and adolescents under the age of 18.
GambleJoe is a registered trademark with the EUIPO of GJ International Ltd.

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