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Casino Streams


Twitch: The end of an era of casino streamers?

The past two months have seen the implementation of new regulations for games of chance on Twitch. These regulations have been much awaited by all. However critics believe that the platform is years too late in combatting the mostly illegal casino streams and it is doing so only half-heartedly. However, there has recently been an evident decrease in users on Twitch. But is Twitch really not attractive any more for casino streamers?


Casino-Streams: Who is Corinna Kopf?

The school dropout Corinna Kopf has for the last years been extremely successful on social networks. The pretty American has currently more than 6.8 million followers on Instagram. For the last couple of months, she has also been active on Twitch as a casino streamer. Which online casinos does the 27-year-old prefer and how much money does she earn from her online activities?


Great restrictions by Twitch on Casino-Streams

The casino-streams on Twitch have long been controversial. The streamers often receive million deal offers from the online casinos. There has been a constant increase in pressure on the streaming platform Twitch. A few days ago, Twitch published a statement about the casino streams. But what is Twitch’s position about this issue and is there any future for Casino-Streams?


Tanzverbot announces casino-stream and surprises everyone

The live-streamer has long been criticising casino-streamers. He describes these types of streams as morally reprehensible. His fans were really surprised when a few days ago he of all people announced such a casino stream. However, this worked out differently than one had initially thought.


Gamescom: Fight between Twitch-Stars escalates

This year’s Gamescom took place between the 24th. and the 28th. August in Cologne, Germany. However, on the side-lines of this year’s world’s largest computer and video games fair there was a physical altercation between several Twitch-Stars. The Casino-Streamers orangemorange, Scurrows and self-proclaimed “Casino-Opponent“ Tanzverbot were involved. But how did the situation escalate to a point that at the end those involved come to blows?


Streamer "xQc" has staked around 685 million US-Dollar on Stake

Around a year ago, we at GambleJoe had reported that the Twitch-Streamer “xQc” had lost the sum of one million in online gambling within a month. After taking a short break, “xQc” has now been showing casino streams regularly since May 2022. It has now been divulged, how much money the Canadian has allegedly spent in the Stake Casino.


Twitch-Fan starts initiative against gambling streams

A short while ago a Twitch-Fan had started an online petition against casino streams. The aim is to motivate the operators to ban illegal gambling streams from the platform. How successful has the petition been and will Twitch feel motivated to completely ban casino streams?


Twitch-Star turns down 10 million deal for Casino Streams

Several weeks ago, it was announced that the famous Twitch-Streamer Mizkif had allegedly turned down a deal for casino streams which would have earned him millions. According to his own statement, the 27-year-old had received an offer amounting to 10 million US-Dollar from an online casino which has not been identified to the public. In turn he was asked to produce casino streams. But why did the Twitch-Streamer turn down this lucrative deal?


1.85 million USD: Streamer "xQc" with record losses

The French Canadian Twitch-Streamer “xQc“ stated that he has lost a record amount within one month whilst gambling online. As the 26-year-old admitted a few days ago in a podcast with Pokimane, just during April 2022 he lost around 1.85 million US-Dollar when gambling online. But how could he have lost so much and is the popular casino-streamer now gambling addicted?


MontanaBlack & Tanzverbot quarrel on Casino-Streams

The streamers MontanaBlack and Tanzverbot were once again involved in a public fight. The casino streams of MontanaBlack were the reason for this fight. Tanzverbot criticised the fact that MontanaBlack downplays the potential addiction of gambling and accuses him of only wanting to become rich from gambling. But meanwhile can the brawlers reach an agreement?


How much do casino streamers earn?

Many gambling fans have in the past often wondered how much money the large casino streamers on Twitch actually earn. Around two weeks ago, there was a glitch on Twitch, during which, attackers managed to siphon off internal data. Among others, the Twitch intake of the Internet stars Knossi and MontanaBlack were published.


Why do so many casino-streamers play on

In the past we had reported several times about the successful Casino-Streamers on Twitch. In the past the large Streamers Roshtein, TrainwrecksTV and MontanaBlack earned a lot of money with their Live-Sessions. It is remarkable that by time even more streamers have landed on We have tried to explain the reasons for this.

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