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What is the annual salary of the bet365 CEO?

Last year, the head of the billion-euro gambling company bet365 earned as much as around 150 Bundesliga footballers put together. According to experts, the average annual salary of Bundesliga professionals is currently around 1.5 to 2 million euros. But why did Denise Coates recently earn such a generous salary?


Marriage proposal in the casino - successful?

Unlucky at cards - lucky in love? A US poker player proposed to his girlfriend in a Texas casino. Surely there are more romantic places in the world than a gambling house. But the casino proposal had its justification. Find out if the woman said yes in today's article.


Big Brother: Knossi, Marc Eggers and Manny Marc talk about gambling

Knossi, Marc Eggers, Manny Marc and Fritz Meinecke talked at length about gambling in the Big Brother House. Among other things, the conversation centred on the roulette wheel and other supposedly promising strategies. Knossi also reported briefly on personal strokes of fate during a visit to the casino.


Bamberg: Mentally conspicuous player goes on the rampage after loss

In Bamberg, Bavaria, a customer went on the rampage in a snack bar. He had previously lost money on a slot machine in the pub. The man was eventually arrested by the police and taken to a clinic due to his mental state. On the same evening, a gambling hall was robbed in nearby Würzburg. The police were also able to arrest the perpetrator in this case.


These stars are regulars at the casino

As well as walking the world's red carpets, many stars are regular visitors to the casino. There they can play exciting games with high stakes and win or lose a lot of money. Who would have thought that Pamela Anderson, Bill Kaulitz and Pietro Lombardi would share a common passion? Here are ten celebrities who are regulars at the casino.


Formula 1 in Las Vegas leads to billion-dollar lawsuit

What a spectacle: Formula One made its debut in the gambling metropolis of Las Vegas last weekend. Expectations were high, even though the winner was almost a foregone conclusion given the current balance of power. Unfortunately, not everything went as hoped. As a result, those responsible are now facing a class action lawsuit for more than $1 billion!


Braunschweig public order office sends

Braunschweig's public order office has used undercover test players to detect violations in gambling halls. Normally, undercover investigators are only used in police investigations to solve serious crimes. This is the first time that undercover investigators have been used in casinos to investigate misdemeanours.


3 illegal slot machines generated 192,000 euros in profit in one year

A few days ago, an almost 70-year-old defendant appeared before the Osnabrück District Court on charges of illegal gambling. Specifically, he was accused of installing and operating several gaming machines in a pub in Osnabrück without the necessary licence. According to the indictment, the operation of the illegal gaming machines was very profitable for the man.


Almost 50 million euros: Winning millions in Canada expires

A multimillion-dollar lottery prize was recently forfeited in Canada. The winner failed to present the ticket in time, resulting in the loss of CAD 70 million. This is the equivalent of almost 50 million euros. But why was the prize not claimed and what will happen to the millions?


83-year old operated five illegal casinos

At the beginning of the month the public prosecutor’s office and the police in the district of Hildesheim searched several gambling halls. What is special in the case: an 83-year-old woman is being investigated. But what is the pensioner and the other suspects being accused of?


Macau: huge fight in the casino

A few days ago, several casino visitors in the Chinese Metropole of Macau were involved in a large brawl. In a video which is doing the rounds on social media a group of players can be seen attacking each other and using the inventory of the casino. What was the cause of the fight and what were the consequences for those involved?


USA: employee clears out casino safe

The wage does not seem to be enough for a cashier from the US Federal State of Colorado. The casino employee seems to have taken the record-breaking sum of 500,000 US-Dollar from the casino’s own safe. Meanwhile the casino employee who turned out to be a thief is sitting behind bars. How could the employee manage to steal such an impressive sum?


Young lotto millionaire is broke and back at school

Callie Rogers’ life was not easy. When she was 16, she had worked as a salesgirl earning 5 Euro an hour. A lotto ticket and her winning (when converted) 2.5 million Euro changed everything. Money in abundance, designer clothes, parties, drugs, depressions, three breast enlargements and then everything was suddenly gone. Meanwhile she is 35 years old and is back at school.

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