At the beginning of the past week the so-called Bayern-Jackpot was cracked in the Spielbank Bad Füssing. The happy winner could well rejoice over a record-breaking win of more than 870,000 Euro. But in which slot machine was the Jackpot cracked and what does the winner plan to do with so much money?

On Monday the 29th of August 2022 one of the regular guests managed to crack the well-known Bayern-Jackpot in the Spielbank Bad Füssing. The player needed some time to grasp the fact that with a strike he had won exactly 870.839 Euro. In November of the past year we had reported that an elderly couple had won nearly 85,000 Euro in the Casino Reeperbahn.

Second largest Bayern-Jackpot in history

The current win of more than 870,000 Euro is the second largest win in the history of the Bayern-Jackpots. In 2007 a player had managed to scoop an unbelievable 981,929 Euro in the Bayern-Jackpot. The Bayern-Jackpot has been cracked 101 times along the years. Unfortunately, we have no information about the lucky devil in the Spielbank Bad Füssing. In March of this year we had reported about a case from Las Vegas, in which a man had cracked the Jackpot and had not realised that he had won.

The Bayern-Jackpot is a slot jackpot of the casinos in Bavaria. In all, nine casinos are affiliated in the Bayern-Jackpot. Each one of the nine casinos has more than four Jackpot-Slots, on which the Bayern-Jackpot can be played. Thus, the Bayern-Jackpot can be cracked on a total of 36 slots. The lowest stake is that of 0.50 Euro and the highest possible amount which can be won here is the amount of one million Euro.

Bayern-Jackpot always starts of at 125,000 Euro

Every time that a player cracks the Bayern-Jackpot, this starts of again at 125,000 Euro. In this case the Jackpot amounted to more than 870,000 Euro and has therefore not been cracked for a long time. The lucky devil of the Spielbank Bad Füssing could not believe his eyes as the rotating lion gold coins slowly changed into a Bayern-Jackpot-Coin.

It is a known fact that the Jackpot winnings in the online casinos are significantly higher. We had recently reported, in May 2021, that the Mega Moolah Jackpot was cracked at the amount of nearly 20 million Euro. However, the new State Gambling Act (GlüStV) does not allow progressive Jackpot games, and therefore there is no longer the possibility of winning such high sums in the licensed online casinos.


After quite a long time the Bayern-Jackpot was cracked a few days ago in the Spielbank Bad Füssing. The winner could rejoice over an unbelievable sum of more than 870,000 Euro. A total of 36 slot machines from nine different jackpots are affiliated in the Bayern-Jackpot. Now the Bayern-Jackpot will start off again at the starting amount of 125,000 Euro. We’ll have to wait and see when the well-known Bayern-Jackpot will be cracked for the 103rd. time.

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