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News & Notices: Announcement: GambleJoe MEGA lottery on 15.07.2019 (Page 8)

Topic created on 18th Jun. 2019 | Page: 8 of 23 | Answers: 222 | Views: 33,440
now seriously, I'm looking for me here one off. where is the rating page?
please make a small tutorial!

i've read here several times that it's difficult to get there. the programmer should really attend a seminar on usability. it may be that he has his layout in his head, where something is, but if the comments pile up here that you have to click around forever, you should rethink the page structure or navigation. under normal circumstances, so if there was nothing to win here, that would be a KO criterion for a website.
no attack, just constructive criticism!

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So I have no problem at all to find the corresponding pages (on the Pc).

Simply click on Casino Comparison or Online Casino Overview, then click on the desired casino or find it with the search function. Then select the tab "Reviews" and you can rate. I find that relatively clear

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achso you have to click on the green text "xx reviews". yes ok thanks ^^
here I would put under "xx reviews" another link with "Submit your own casino review".
so you have a way to read the already submitted reviews and a way to submit your own review.

so and in the green main menu would be Casino-->Casino Rating imho more appropriate instead of Casino-->Casino Comparison

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Top thing that you have thought about it! 😉 especially good I find that, you can revise already completed reviews and adjust the time just. One has hopefully thereby a super overview which casino a step forward and which rather something has let drag with the time.😂

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So in total there are 3 ways to get to the ratings

Casino comparison:
Every time the user rating is displayed, or the number of ratings is given, you can actually press on it and comes to the appropriate page

Toplist in the sidebar:
Here you only need to click on the user rating (green stars or number of ratings) and comes to the ratings and can then submit his.

Casino detail page:
If one concerns oneself with a Casino, one lands yes on the Casino detail side. There you have the option to choose between the overview, bonus and offers, games and rating in the upper area. Under the point rating you can then give your own rating.

Improve our site. We do this day by day. But for the usability it can't be simply beneficial to add more and more elements and thus to increase the number again. We already have a relatively large amount of data at a glance in the respective areas. For example, the number of games of a casino is also linked. Then we would have to write dorf still down "Here it goes to the games" etc

Logical is also from the "Casino comparison" (is also a comparison, to get an overview), then to go to the respective sub-area. So gehts of the respective casino then to the respective topics that concern the casino
But we can not make it right for everyone. But maybe we can think of something additional for the 3 people here in the thread who are not clear. We are working on it.

Apart from the fact that the programmer usually has less to do with usability than the designer

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I must say that I find the usability in this point good. You go once on rating and can start directly.

Habs mobile and on the computer easily navigate in 2-3 seconds can open. Can therefore hardly understand the criticism this time.

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Top Member
yes some can paint well but calculate badly
others are good at math but guess what?

some prefer books and get googly eyes
others prefer to read comics

and counters profile picture speaks more for him being a bookworm and not seeing the horse for the rider

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Horses? Yes where do they laauuufffen then?

Najut, but now please back on-topic

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I pack that times here purely:
As nice as it is that now some, also due to lottery of course casinos rate, can not at least make sure that the reviews are written at least halfway legible and not every evaluation is waved through no matter how many spelling mistakes are in it ? Partly you really get eye cancer when you read the reviews. A certain basic level of spelling can not be so much to ask m.M.n. .

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Thanks for the great action. I'm curious whether I'm there

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