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News & Notices: Announcement: GambleJoe MEGA lottery on 15.07.2019

Topic created on 18th Jun. 2019 | Page: 1 of 23 | Answers: 222 | Views: 34,211
Dear Community,

as you know, our casino comparison portal has grown incredibly over the last few years and without all of you this would not have been possible.
Of course, we have also invested a lot of work into the project ourselves and are always thinking about improvements and new features that will make GambleJoe unique.

That's what makes GambleJoe so special

- informative news reports from the gambling world
- honest and thoroughly researched casino reviews
- a live communicator for members
- Media upload with hundreds of winning videos and thousands of winning pictures
- an ever-growing community with now almost 7000 members
- real casino reviews from real players
- a casino ranking based on these reviews

We have noticed in recent weeks that while the ratings section is being used, there are many casinos that have very few ratings.
Furthermore, GambleJoe will be celebrating its 7th anniversary in a couple of months...

Instead of investing money in radio commercials, or even TV commercials (which would be too expensive anyway), or hiring marketing agencies to promote us elsewhere,
we have decided to launch a new campaign, which has probably never been seen anywhere else in this form

The MEGA lottery
We will raffle 10.000 Euro per month for the next 2 months among all community members and we are sure that everyone will get something out of it ...
(This action is in addition to the regular monthly PSC lottery)

What it is all about, you can find on this page (ideally view it with your desktop PC):

Note: The page is still under construction, but we have already published it as an info page because we couldn't wait any longer...
However, the first lottery is guaranteed to take place on 15.07.2019 , so that from now on everyone takes part who rates at least two casinos.
In the future, you will be informed about the status of participation via the user dashboard, this function will be activated shortly.

The most important part comes at the end:
Each winner may decide at the end whether he uses the won amount himself, or donates it to good causes!
For this purpose we have modified the PSC raffle system so that you can accept the PSC or donate it directly. If you press the "Donate Win" button in the future, the PSC will be returned to GJ and we will donate the money to a charity.
Where we donate will be announced on the MEGA raffle page shortly before the win is drawn.

We hope you all have fun with the giveaway and hope to see a lot of participation.

Your team from GambleJoe

P.S. last but not least... Scams are not worth it.
(We check every participant and every casino rating by hand)

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That sounds very good to me. Good luck to all 😁👏👏

This post has been translated automatically

Hopefully there will be no trouble

Find it great with the donation

This post has been translated automatically

You write, you should check 2 high-quality casinos, I ask now times doll, I'm only registered at 2 casinos and have no Bock me to register at others, so I can then also evaluate no other casinos, is that right and then automatically do not participate in the lottery, which by the way I do not mind. The purpose of this promotion, however, I have understood.

This post has been translated automatically

I'm honestly not sure what to make of it.

Hand on heart: Don't you think you'll get some flimsy ratings now? Sure, you sort out if someone obviously just quickly types in an answer. But it wouldn't be that hard to invent a casino review that looks credible. It's enough to read through existing reviews for orientation and create your own accordingly

Of course, this begs the question: Do you completely indifferent whether the reviews of the casinos here are honest, as long as the casinos have many reviews? Because that's how it looks. Obviously, this special promotion is designed so that more casinos are rated. More "real" user reviews also look great for the site, of course

Of course, organizing a special promotion is nice for now. But since the only way to qualify is the evaluation of two casinos per month, the actual intention behind it is also guessable. It also seems to be explicitly desired that new members register especially for this action. Does one want to make a further step forward in this way? There would be nothing wrong with this goal, but the implementation seems dubious to me. I have difficulties to believe that everyone who wants to participate in this action evaluates the casinos in good conscience. I also have difficulty believing that everyone has already played in the casino that he rates. Of course, negative reviews are not forbidden. But I would guess that reviews that have as motivation such a lottery are more likely to be positive

My conclusion from this must be that Gamblejoe prefers to have many reviews rather than good, real, realistic reviews

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gagapapamama wrote on 18.06.2019 at 19:25: You write, one should check 2 High Quality Casinos, I ask now times doll, I'm only signed up at 2 casinos and have no Bock me to sign up at others, so I can then also evaluate no other casinos, is that right and then automatically do not participate in the lottery, which by the way I do not mind. The purpose of this promotion, however, I have understood.

You do not have to review high quality casinos, but only two honest, objective casino reviews. These may also be negative.

Unless you manage to do that by the end of the day on 07/14, you won't be in the draw, correct.
However, you can still go out as a winner in the well-known monthly PSC lottery through your activity on GambleJoe

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I think that's a really great idea from you guys.
I'm happy to write detailed experience reports

However, I would perhaps set a few rules that prevent that indiscriminately any amount of "reviews" are slapped

This post has been translated automatically

see this similar to bone!
rather give away the 10k to loyal users who always enrich the forum with high quality contributions!
that is much more honest

This post has been translated automatically

oldschoolmeisje wrote on 06/18/2019 19:30: I think this is a really great idea from you.
I will be happy to write detailed testimonials

However, I would maybe set a few rules that prevent randomly any amount of "reviews" are slapped there.

We'll wait and see how this develops, as I said, every casino review and user is scrutinized (usually by me personally).
Counter and I work in the Internet industry for a really long time, now well over 15 years, we look very closely, I promise

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Oh guys, why criticism again?

Let Gamblejoe do what they want.

The fact is they are giving something away, and it costs you nothing. If you don't want that, leave your reviews.
I think it's just silly what's going on here when it comes to paysafe.
Grumbling, crying, whining.

We don't care what they think they are doing, if they think they can boost their business with it.

Can only hope that no more than 400 participate, because then you fly the ratings around the ears, because from experience, some users who have lost, then take apart the things to the last point and claim that is copied.

Sorry Gamblejoe, but you will never be able to please everyone, and certainly not the regulars

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