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News & Notices: Announcement: GambleJoe MEGA lottery on 15.07.2019 (Page 2)

Topic created on 18th Jun. 2019 | Page: 2 of 23 | Answers: 222 | Views: 33,395
Begbie wrote on 06/18/2019 at 19:31: see it similar to bone!
rather give away the 10k to loyal users who always enrich the forum with high quality contributions!
that's much more honest

And who chooses them ? There is always to complain just accept it as it is

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Blubbo33 wrote on 06/18/2019 7:50 PM: Oh guys, why criticism again?

Let gamblejoe do what they want.

The fact is they are giving something away and it costs you nothing. If you don't want that, leave your reviews.
I think it's just silly what's going on here when it comes to paysafe.
Grumbling, crying, whining.

We don't care what they think they are doing, if they think they can boost their business with it.

Can only hope that no more than 400 participate, because then you fly the ratings around the ears, because from experience, some users who have lost, then take apart the things to the last point and claim that is copied.

Sorry Gamblejoe, but you will never be able to please everyone, and certainly not the regulars

I really don't care at all about telling Gamblejoe what to do with their money. Honestly I don't care, I have no responsibility for the company I don't care if there is a lottery going on or not. My point is that I find it questionable to advertise on the one hand with a community of real users and real casino reviews, but on the other hand to entice the same "real" users quite strongly to these "real" casino reviews

For my part, I never said I didn't want that either. I will probably participate in this action just like in the monthly lottery. Personally, I would be pretty stupid if I didn't. But my concerns behind it to speak and criticize I can still with the best conscience.

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Kudos to the Gamblejoe team for this mega lottery for their members.
Such actions show me that you not "only" care about improving the website, but also think about how you can give a piece of the jointly generated cake back to loyal active members.
This definitely gives me a good feeling to be a member here and makes me stay loyal to you.
I don't mean to be an ass-kisser, I just wanted to express that in my opinion you have stayed humanly on the ground and that the greed for profit (which you need as an entrepreneur) has not completely taken control of you.
Keep it up !

Thanks of course for the fat action and good luck to all who are eligible to participate in the lottery

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Top Member
Thanks for the great action. Looking forward to congratulate others xD

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Emx81 wrote on 06/18/2019 20:27: Thanks for the great action. Looking forward to congratulate others xD

No fear as they have said diw 10k should easily be enough for all are yes 400 psc

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I find action good, but...
I can very well imagine that now a lot of new people sign up to participate in the lottery
Just like ask gamblers when they choose the best casino

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Thanks for the action. I find good.

To all those who have something to complain about again: if you don't want to, you don't have to

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In any case cool action thanks to GJ for this.

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One should of course also see that the lottery is used for the fact that the rating of the casinos is also used once. Before it was apparently too little? The winning pictures / videos I knew of course; the rating I had never really on the screen. Why also always. Is perhaps not so prominently apparent on GJ.

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Bones are right Digger, but see it times as who this is your load^^,gamblejoe makes good business and if we had a company like that
Who that as marketing super, and besides there's the official gj test and rating to actually every casino or? And they are very detailed and come across to me erlich....und how many affiliates sites have please Real Fake test and reports, I say so, gj does everything right here.
We all know that more activity on the site equals more money is a good move

And that with the lottery is mega awesome I'm really excited and really cool action of you

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