A few days ago a cafeteria in the neighbourhood of Neustadt was searched by the police. The police have discovered nearly 30 people gambling illegally here. During the operation more than 400,000 Euro in cash were confiscated. But how did the police in Bremen become aware of the illegal activities in the city?

In summer 2020 we had already reported, that Bremen will be clamping down on betting shops. A few days ago police forces searched a cafeteria in the neighbourhood of Bremen. The result was: During the night from the 18th. to the 19th. March 2022 the police discovered 27 persons playing dice games. More than 400,000 Euro in cash were confiscated during the operation.

Police raid on gambling lasts till the early hours of the morning

The process lasted several hours and was carried out by several police forces. The police raid on gambling during the weekend were the result of months‘ long investigations. The investigators had long since suspected that the operators of the cafeteria were organising illegal dice games in grand style and making profits in the six digit region. Only a few weeks ago we had reported about the newly released dice game of Evolution Gaming “Bac Bo“, which is already available in many online casinos.

A total of 27 persons were involved in the illegal dice games. Some of these had even travelled from the surrounding area of Lower Saxony and even Hamburg. The police officers discovered cash amounts totalling to 400,000 Euro. The money was seized by the police. Around 70 police offers were involved in the search in the neighbourhood of Neustadt. The Special Operation Forces were also involved in the operation.

Two illegal slot machines were seized

Besides the cash amounting to over 400,000 Euro the police also seized two slot machines which were suspected to be illegal. Only a few days ago we had reported that, illegal slot machines are gaining ground again in Germany.

Whilst the organiser, that is the cafeteria operator, must take responsibility for organising the illegal gambling, proceedings were started against the players involved and they will be charged with gambling illegally. According to the § 284 StGB (German Penal Code) the organiser can face a prison sentence of one to two years or else a financial penalty. The public prosecution in Bremen is leading the investigations.


The police raid on gambling in the neighbourhood of Neustadt in Bremen is the result of several months of police investigations. Finally they succeeded and carried out an operation during which 27 persons were discovered to be gambling on dice games illegally. More than 400,000 in cash were seized during the operation. The amount of money confiscated in this case is unusually high. If one takes into consideration that only 27 persons were involved, this means that each player was carrying on average nearly 15,000 Euro in cash. Further investigations will be carried out by the responsible public prosecution. 

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/de/photos/bremen-altstadt-historisch-4689979/


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