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News & Notices: Important note: Lending money between forum members

Topic created on 25th Mar. 2018 | Page: 1 of 5 | Answers: 49 | Views: 15,786
Recently, there have been here and there times smaller or larger incidents because some users here have borrowed each other money, which has also disturbed the peace here in the forum.

Basically, everyone who lends money to another user here should be aware that this money can be gone. You can lend money, but like gambling, you should only lend money to other people here that you can easily afford to lose. This rule basically applies to the entire Internet but especially to gambling sites.

On gambling sites there are also gambling addicts. People who are either extremely addicted to gambling and therefore will do anything to get money in the short term. Or they have acutely pressing financial problems due to their Gambling addiction, for which they are looking for solutions and then ask other users here for money, which they cannot realistically pay back

I don't think that the users who ask for money here have the intention from the beginning not to pay it back but it will eventually and in most cases end up that way. For example, if someone needs to borrow 300€ and offers to pay it back in 50€ or 100€ increments, it will be hard for them (probably even without gambling addiction) to save that 300€. How hard must it be with a gambling addiction to keep it together for 3 or even 6 months and to pay the agreed installments on time and at the same time to fight against the gambling addiction?

One must always be aware of this before lending money! This applies not only to this forum, but it also applies to the private environment, if you lend money to players.

Personally, I have often lent money to other players and have - with one exception - only had bad experiences with it. It didn't matter if the player was wealthy or not so wealthy. I'll list a few examples of people I've lent money to in the last few years and never got it back:

  • I lent €1,000 to a 43-year-old High Roller in the Stuttgart casino because he had exceeded the daily limit on his bank cards and wanted to gamble some more. At the time, I plundered almost my entire private account and told him so. But I was also sure that I would get it back a few days later. After all, the player earns 30,000€ net per month - which must actually be the case given his playing style. The end of the story was that the player was first "on a business trip" and then it kind of got lost. A year later, I still haven't received the money. Currently he has somehow severe problems with the tax office ...

  • I also lent money to another player (I don't know how much it was but it wasn't that much). Anyway, at that time I also waited for months for the money. Then I had a lucky streak and this player, who never had money but was extremely addicted to gambling, that I give him the money because he can not pay it back anyway. Only a few days later this player hit a Jackpot of 20.000€ at William Hill. If that had been me, I would have voluntarily paid back the borrowed money and maybe even added another 100€ or 200€ to it - even if the person had more or less forcibly given me the money beforehand. However, nothing came from this player on a voluntary basis and I have but also no more nachgehakt.

  • In casinos and gambling houses I used to give begging players 10€, 20€ or 50€ and let myself be softened. Mostly I gave the money away when I had a big win. The result was always that the person came back after 10 minutes and wanted to borrow money or have it as a gift.

  • I once lent money to a player in the Stuttgart casino after a big win. The gambler was not rich. I would say upper middle class because her husband had a relatively good running business. She needed 500€ in the short term because she had to pay something but gambled away or otherwise burned the money she got from her husband. Her husband does not know that she goes gambling and I helped her to hide this by lending her the 500€. She even made a real personal loan agreement with me and told me that I would definitely get the money back because I would have leverage with her husband. The first two installments of 100€ were also paid but after that there was a problem in a month and she wanted to push, which I also accepted. Since then nothing more went on my account ...

  • But the worst experience I had in Malta. When I won €6,000 on Lucky Ladys Charm at Dragonara Casino, a rather pitiful player came up to me and asked if I could lend him €50. He was crying so hard that he is so poor and also sick and won't gamble the money away that I lent him 50€. I also just wanted to have my peace after the Big Win and told him that the 50€ was a gift. Two days later I was with a Maltese buddy again in the Dragonara Casino. A few machines away sat the player to whom I gave 50€, as he talked with another old Maltese about me and somehow grinned so disgustingly dirty. My Malta buddy told me that the player was bitching about me. He said something like, "I gave the guy a good ribbing, said I really needed the money and he even just gave it to me."

The Malta buddy told me that the player was known to be mentally ill in Malta but well, I don't think that has anything to do with illness but rather assholishness. Anyway, I decided for myself not to lend money to any player anymore. It just doesn't do any good.

I can only give you the Tip not to lend money to players. You should also ask yourselves, why the one here in the forum relatively strange people must ask for money. I mean everyone has some friends who could help you out with amounts up to 500€ or 1.000€. You should ask yourself before borrowing money why the friends or relatives that everyone has, do not help the person out?

If you lend money to other players, then book it as a gift for you and if it comes back, then it is nice and if not, then it is disappointing but also not bad. Only lend money that you can easily afford to lose. I do not want to have to read here in the forum, the one or the other does not give me my money back ...

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In the meantime I believe, as much as one would like to help, that it doesn't really help the person in question (especially as a gambling addict), maybe it even worsens his situation.

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vivera365 wrote on 25.03.2018 at 19:54: I believe meanwhile, as much as one would like to help, that it does not really help the person in question (just as a gambling addict), maybe you even worsen his situation

Yes, in most cases you don't help the person, but only prolong the suffering and help the addict to stay in his comfort zone. I don't even exclude myself. Thank God I am a little different in that respect. If I don't have money, then I can't gamble - even if I had times when it was difficult. But if I had always been able to borrow money, then I would not only have had hard times now, but only slightly less hard times, but more prolonged hard times. I'm also sure that if someone had always lent me money or I had borrowed it all the time, I would have much bigger problems now and would be worse off gambling because there would still be debts from that time.

You should also, before you want to borrow money here, ask yourself if it really helps you in the long run or in the medium term. Maybe it is sometimes better that you go through hard times (have to go to the table, times nen month without electricity must live, times other hardships experienced but you have afterwards at least no private debts that burden you mentally additional).

Often players are also asked for money after they have won. One does not need to have a bad conscience to refuse "help" and to say no. Why should you help and trust people you hardly know? Other players have no right to your wins (if you win bigger). You also have family and can use the money to help poorer family members who do not gamble.

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Can only sign this.
Don't lend money to others, especially strangers. And especially not to gamblers.
It often happened that, back then in the arcade, someone sat next to me and wanted to have borrowed money.
He sat next to me, and with every 5€ that were gone on my machine, he said: "you see, you could have lent me that now"
He did the whole thing about 20 times, until I exposed him by making an announcement that the whole hall heard.

I like to help people in need - if you are hungry, I like to give you a kebab with a drink.
Mostly, however, this is refused because the people want to buy drugs, alcohol or something else.
I don't give money to beggars (in Germany) as a matter of principle, and I also like to get involved in a verbal exchange of blows.
In Germany, no one has to beg for money, and if they do, they are either here illegally or can't get their hands full.

Again on the subject of lending money:
Most of the time it is quite urgent, and people thank you in detail.
On the day of repayment, however, they take their time, usually they have to run after the money.
They talk themselves out of it, postpone it, postpone it again, make a phone call...

Conclusion: Never again

If someone had asked me for 1000€, then I would have replied whether he was still completely tight?
That is for many a monthly salary, which he would like to throw into the vending machines.
I myself have never experienced that someone else gives away money - never.

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Borrowing money or not, you will not educate a gambling addict. He will always find ways and means to raise money somewhere/how. As long as the cause of the drama is not localized and corrected, the person has no chance anyway.

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Sascha666 wrote on 03/25/2018 at 8:11 PM

If someone had asked me about 1000€, then I would have replied whether he was still quite?
That is for many a monthly salary, what he wants to throw in the vending machines for a moment.
I myself have never experienced that someone else gives away money - never.

Yes, but that was also a somewhat different situation. As I said, the guy is an extreme High Roller and when he has won, he has thrown 50€ or 100€ into my machine from time to time. But then I also did it often, so it evened out. He has also visited me in Malta, so I knew the player relatively well. I also lent him 200€ now and then for a short time and always got it back. In this case I was really 99.99% convinced that I would get the money back two days later. This is a player when things are not going well exhausts his limit. He has 4 bank accounts and from each account he used to withdraw 4,000€ on a bad night and gamble on 4 boxes (with min 5€ bet per spin) at the same time. Sometimes he waited until 0 o'clock to withdraw money from his cards again. That night it was awesome and he lost 4.000€ and at 0 o'clock he withdrew again 4.000€ which were gone one hour later. I have then just withdrawn 1K and lent him so that he can try again. As I said under these conditions I thought that the money will come back almost 100%.

But as you can see, even under the best of circumstances, it may not come back and you always have to expect a loss. Even if you were to see Bill Gates gambling in the casino or arcade, you should still be careful when borrowing money ...

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In the meantime, I also think that you don't help the addict at all, you just postpone it. And forcing someone to seek help doesn't help either. The person simply has to recognize it himself and most of them do that only when the suffering is really bad.

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daniel, now I wanted to read the one exception it has paid you back and have found nothing or meant the 2 times 100 of 500? Would not have been everything
with money lend and get back I had no negative experiences even if it was rare so far
here I would rather not do it before you have not really met a few times in person

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Iseedeadpeople wrote on 25/03/2018 at 22:27: daniel, now I wanted to read the one exception it paid you back and hab nothing found or meant the one with the 2 times 100 of 500? Would not have been everything
with money lend and get back I had no negative experiences even if it was rare so far
here I would rather not do it before you have not really met a few times in person

Stands right there

Personally, I have often lent money to other players and have - with one exception - so far only bad experiences

This post has been translated automatically

Currently I see the thing somewhat more critical Daniel! I would be for this here publicly to ban - so already the open demand for it. If then 2 mean that over PN to regulate it should remain oh with PN - to each status. Point.

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