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It is not only in gastronomic establishments such as restaurants or cafés that it is good manners to say thank you for good service with a tip. In casinos, too, players can give the Croupier a tip during the game. Usually, however, no cash is handed over to the croupier at the Roulette or Blackjack table, but the tip is presented in tokens. As a rule, a tip is given to the croupier when the Player has won. In rarer cases, Casino visitors also place a Bet for the croupier, i.e. make a wager with their chips and in the event of success, the gaming manager receives the winnings distribution.

There are no exact guidelines for the amount of the tip in casinos. In principle, however, the tip amount should be based on the winnings amount of the individual player. This means that players who play with high stakes and win accordingly much in case of success, should also be accordingly more generous with the tip. In roulette, for example, if you hit a "plein", then it is appropriate to give a piece to the staff as a tip, with which you won. In blackjack, in principle, the tip is given as a win. After an appropriate request, the croupier here takes away the "smallest piece" and thanks on behalf of the employees. In Poker, the tip should be at least 1% of the Pot won.

A duty to the payment of a tip does not exist in the gaming houses however naturally nevertheless. It should be noted, however, that croupiers generally receive only a very low basic salary and are therefore dependent on the tip as an additional source of income. In online casinos and online gambling houses, it is usually not possible to send a tip to the croupier.

In most cases, the croupiers collect the tip received in a cash box as a tronc. This tip fund is then regularly divided among all employees in the casino.

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