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News & Notices: GambleJoe action: remuneration for gambling reviews (Page 27)

Topic created on 21st Nov. 2022 | Page: 27 of 32 | Answers: 316 | Views: 54,305
Quick question, I am suddenly listed as a newcomer again. Does that mean I won't get a 5€ reward for a casino review?

Any at all?

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Bacione85 wrote on 28.11.2023 at 22:01: Quick question, I'm suddenly listed as a beginner again. Does that mean I don't get a 5€ reward for a casino review?

Any at all?

No, you don't get a reward because you have less than 100 reviews

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GUTS was quite ordinary

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Dello87 wrote on 03.12.2023 at 11:53 am: Good was quite neat


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Matthias wrote on 21.11.2022 at 14:01: Dear Community,

Our casino evaluation campaign from the beginning of November 2022 was a complete success.
As a result, we got together as a team once again and thought about how we can better exploit the full potential of GambleJoe in these difficult times.

The range of licensed gaming providers in Germany is growing and the new providers need to be tested and evaluated. As has already been impressively demonstrated in the past, your experiences (on average) are the benchmark for the quality of a gambling provider.
Furthermore, they offer an iDEAL orientation opportunity for readers interested in gambling and our portal is only really worth reading thanks to your commitment.

We need you - or more precisely, your help!

So far, every casino review has been rewarded with 100 activity points and, as you know, every community member has the chance to take part in the regular monthly GJ Coin lottery. The reward of 100 activity points for a casino review will remain the same and the monthly lottery will be held as usual.

What's new now? Here it comes!
We will reward your casino reviews

We've decided to reward your ambition and effort in writing casino reviews twice over from now on.
Not only will you be credited with 100 activity points, but you will also receive an extra reward in the form of GJ Coins for every meaningful and objectively written casino review .

The minimum requirement for participation in the promotion is as follows:
- Amateur rank in the forum or better (Reward: GJ Coins worth of 5.00 euros per review)

The GJ Coins will be credited to your account as soon as the rating has been checked by one of our employees.
GJ Coins can be exchanged for vouchers such as Amazon vouchers, Paysafe cards, vouchers of your choice, etc. at any time.

A few tips for writing casino reviews:
The review should contain at least 70 words and not just refer to the 1 euro rule, or the 5 second spin time.
You are welcome to write something about the site structure, the support, the welcome bonus, the game selection or the loading speeds. You can also rate the Deposit options, payout time, Verification and your gaming fun in general.

The "rules of the game" summarized:

- only reviews that refer to casinos licensed in Germany qualify for the reward
- each casino review is only remunerated once per member
- Changes to old casino ratings do not count as new ratings
- the GJ Coin reward only applies to members from Germany, as the casinos in other countries cannot be played in
- multiple participation by rating different casinos is expressly permitted

Incidentally, we have already implemented the idea and you can get started right away and submit your ratings.
For those members who have already rated all providers - don't worry, because the promotion is open-ended until further notice and more gambling providers will be added to GambleJoe in the next few days as soon as the regulatory authority issues new licenses or the new providers put their offer online.

So there should be an opportunity for everyone to earn some money here on the side.

We hope we can make you happy and look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards

The GambleJoe Team

Update from Matthias on 21.08.2023: Conditions of participation adjusted

Hay I have another request regarding the rank in the forum, how do you get the rank amateur? So what exactly do I have to do for it

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x00NY wrote on November 28, 2023 at 10:22 pm:

No you don't get paid since you have under 100 posts

Had the same problem....didn't realize myself that I think Andreas gave the info to all members that there are only remunerations from 100 contributions.....😎

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@LsDohle I have already answered you in the other thread where you can find more information

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Mega action from now on every day:)

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So there should be an opportunity for everyone to earn some money here on the side

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Dear Julia2223

Then let's hope that this is not the only reason why you registered here 😁

But if it is, you should know that you still have a lot of work to do before it pays off for you

There is a minimum requirement to participate in the campaign:
- Amateur rank in the forum or better
- write at least 100 forum posts

So now only 99 to be exact 😋

Otherwise I wish you a nice time here at gamblejoe 🌺

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