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Feedback: Problem solved (Page 2)

Topic created on 04th Apr. 2021 | Page: 2 of 2 | Answers: 15 | Views: 3,533

Dutch78 wrote 04.04.2021 at 18:22

Dear mowolum;

thank you very much for your post. I wonder what you were trying to accomplish? Aren't you ashamed to blame other people for their writing? Youre "criticism" is all about blaming other people for not having the qualities you think you have.
Does that make him a worse person in your eyes just because he can't do the "grammatical spelling" in your view?
What gives you the right to criticize and give advice to others in this regard?
Feeling strong and superior to others just because they have perceived weaknesses is what is actually weak about it.
I could write now as an example that grammar in the actual sense only determines the composition of clauses, phrases and words to whole sentences. I'm pretty sure that you wanted to criticize the good old orthography in your post.

Here's another grammar example
You write, "You should relearn your grammatical spelling first."

Correctly however would be:" You should learn nevertheless first times your...... . again."

As you can see, the whole thing is not so simple, apart from the fact that the term "grammatical spelling" becomes absurd.

However, I don't hold the whole thing against you because I like you, I just want to animate you to think, whereby the glass house also plays a subordinate role.

If there are grammatical or orthographical errors here, please refrain from condemning me for it, because German is not my mother tongue and even if it were, that would not make me a worse person.

Oops,what a luck for you,

you finally found a hook again.
Mannnoman, can not pay enough attention.
So everyone has his moments of happiness, darling

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Is this Wwedraft now finally locked? About time what does he think who he is, here to tell everyone how he has to behave😅 sarcastic comments belong to every forum and make the threads but only exciting and worth reading

This post has been translated automatically

Fitting for this society. Unpleasant contemporaries and opinions are blocked - the other constant tormentors with sarcasm schöngeredet. Pathetic!

This post has been translated automatically

I also don't think it's okay from the base to block a user.
Now people are discussing about him instead of with him. That is not cool. There are many users here who write a bunch of shit, you could block many. But that makes eig. n forum that there are also difficult people.
And as long as it does not go in the direction of racism or the like, I would not block any user.

In this case, it would be more practical if this thread is also closed, because the user wwedraft can not "defend".

Before the thread is closed (maybe):

So Heul-Threads gibts ja ofts, especially from new users.
I find that against irony, sarcasm or clear announcements nothing is to be objected.
But it is also true that new users are scared away because they do not feel taken seriously. That can't be in the sense of GJ, it's about users - and therefore Affiliate numbers.

Suggestion for improvement:

It should be made clear to the user that this is a game of chance. The people where the Jammer-Posts make, have a wrong picture over gambling. One should make here then rather clarification than Bashing. There was but once n article about responsible gambling and about could post in such Jammer-Threads.
If the users check it, GJ has won a good gambling.

This post has been translated automatically

Thanks for your suggestion for improvement Wutmaennchen.

One could clarify from my side in such situations in the future the user better or rather more understandable about the topic of gambling, I agree with you completely, and I will take your criticism to heart and see that I spend a little more time for it next time to bring the user in such a situation better to the understanding.

I also agree with you that it is unfair that the topic continues to be discussed, although the thread creator has already been banned and he currently can not comment further.

In this regard, I will now close the thread.

This post has been translated automatically

Since the thread creator has been banned, and can no longer comment on the discussion at this time, I will close the thread.

This thread was closed

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