The issue of sport betting for online casinos has long been the topic of hefty discussions. Whilst some push for a general advertising ban for all sorts of gambling activities, others clearly wish for more liberal regulations. A study which was published recently has now concluded that sports betting advertisements resulted in the fans undertaking higher stakes.

A few weeks ago, the Universities of Glasgow and Stirling published a study. One of the topics of this study was the connection between gambling advertisements and the higher player stakes which these advertisements bring about. The result of this study is not so surprising: many gambling enthusiasts conceded that after seeing advertisements they had invested more money in gambling. In January of this year we had reported in an article about the fact that Gambling Sponsoring is unpopular in Sport.

3000 active betting customers took part in the study

Around 3000 sports betting enthusiasts took part in the recent study. The results showed that around one in every three respondents (31,2 %) stated that after seeing sports betting advertisements they felt compelled to bet more. We are here talking about bets which most probably would not have taken place had the player not seen the advertisement. From this one can conclude that gambling advertisements influence the behaviour of the players. The study was conducted under the management of Dr. Heather Wardle from Glasgow.

Some player types are more influenced

The study has also concluded that certain players are more easily motivated to play more when they see advertisements. This percentage of players who were motivated to play more after seeing gambling advertisements was significantly high (87 %) among the betting enthusiasts with a problematic gambling behaviour. 150 players from the total of 3000 respondents described themselves as “problematic players”. This means that 5% of the respondents are “problematic players”. In March of this year we had reported about a study which showed that the sports betting market will experience significant growth.

Further on in the study it is however pointed out that the recently published study is not proof that more sports betting advertisements make a person more addicted. The calls from those who in the past had already demanded stricter regulations for advertisements for online casinos and sports betting will now get louder.

Gambling advertisements are lucrative for providers

It is no secret that the gambling and sports betting advertisements are extremely lucrative for the providers. If we just take Great Britain, an average of 6,8 million GBP per week were spent in the first six months of 2021 on these type of gambling advertisements. Even now with 8.3 million GBP per week, it is significantly more - a rising trend.


The recent study by the Universities of Glasgow and Stirling shows that there is a connection between gambling behaviour and gambling advertisements. According to this study, one in every three players is influenced by advertisements and feels compelled to play more than he or she had originally planned. We are excited to see whether the rule makers in Great Britain will in the future decide that stricter regulations are necessary for sports betting advertisements.

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