The renowned Rabbit Entertain IT Limited has succeeded in pushing through higher deposit limits for its German online casinos. Previously, the monthly deposit limit was 1,000 euros per player across all providers. If a user can prove a good credit rating, the deposit limit is now at least 10,000 Euros per month. In exceptional cases, up to €30,000 per month is possible.

Almost exactly a year ago, we at GambleJoe reported on the most annoying player protection regulations in the new GlüStV. We also discussed in detail the provider-independent deposit limit of 1,000 Euros per month and player. This deposit limit is now a thing of the past, at least in some online casinos. But what do players have to do to benefit from a higher deposit limit?

Rabbit Entertain IT Ltd.: Deposit limit of up to 10,000 euros after SCHUFA check

A few days ago, members of the so-called "Rabbit Entertain IT" casinos received notification of changes to their terms and conditions. The company operates the successful Lapalingo, Tigerspin and Lord Lucky brands in Germany, all of which are licensed by the Joint Gaming Authority of the German States (GGL). Accordingly, section 7.9 under "Increase in Deposit Limits" has recently been amended:

7.9.1 Rabbit Entertain IT Ltd has been authorised by GGL to increase the cross-provider monthly deposit limit in accordance with the following:
7.9.2 Increase of the monthly deposit limit up to EUR 10,000.00 (increase level 1) (...) The player must provide suitable and verifiable proof of financial standing (e.g. by submitting proof of income or proof of other sources of income, etc.)
To this end, Rabbit Entertain IT Ltd carries out the SCHUFA gambling check to determine the player's creditworthiness before granting an increased deposit limit.

The SCHUFA therefore transmits the individual score of each player to Rabbit Entertain IT Limited as part of the check. If the score is in the range A to I, the monthly deposit limit can be increased to up to €10,000. However, if the score is in the range from A to P, the cross-provider deposit limit of €1,000 per month stipulated in the GlüStV will continue to apply. Back in February we at GambleJoe published an article in which we asked ourselves whether online gambling can lead to a negative SCHUFA entry.

If the player does not want a SCHUFA check, he can alternatively provide other proof of his creditworthiness. This could include proof of income or inheritance.

It is important to note that this so-called "proof of financial standing" must be repeated at least once a year.

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In addition to the deposit limit, a monthly loss limit also applies

The amendment to the GTC also states:

" The player shall be set an individual monthly loss limit of no more than 20% of an individually determined stake limit, whereby the amount must not be less than EUR 1,000.00".

In practice, this means that a much higher amount can be deposited each month. However, no more than one-fifth of the specified deposit limit can be lost each month.

For example: If the deposit limit has been increased to €10,000 per month following a SCHUFA check (deposit limit), the player may still lose a maximum of €2,000 per month (loss limit).

Are even higher deposit limits possible in German online casinos?

In fact, individual players can benefit from even higher deposit limits under certain conditions. A maximum of up to €30,000 per month and player is theoretically possible. However, by law, such high limits are only available to 1% of players. In addition, such high limits require a minimum age of 21 years.

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At least at the online casinos of Rabbit Entertain IT Limited, players can easily increase their monthly deposit limit up to 10,000 Euros with comparatively little effort. Under certain circumstances, a deposit limit of up to €30,000 is even possible with proven creditworthiness. Of course, the higher deposit limit applies to all providers.

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