Digitalisation and technological development are making inexorable progress in all areas of life. Apps and AI bots have long supported our daily lives in a variety of ways. A lot has happened in the live casino as well. As well as new games and features, in some places the dealers are no longer what they used to be. The developer CreedRoomz has even been offering games with robots as dealers for some time now.

Who can remember the days when we simply walked over to a friend's house when we wanted to meet them, or perhaps phoned them first? Back then, the Brockhaus encyclopaedia was in many a living room, answering questions from A to Z. And back then, gamblers who wanted to have fun at the tables had no choice but to go to a real casino and interact with real people face to face.

Nowadays, appointments are quickly made via WhatsApp, or people meet via video chat or social networking sites. If you have a problem or concern, you can ask one of the major search engines or AI bots for the perfect solution. And casino classics like roulette, blackjack and baccarat can now be enjoyed online, even with real dealers via streaming.

Many of us interact with these and similar technological advances on an almost daily basis. Live dealer games - like the other digital assistants mentioned - are no longer a speciality for most people. However, Malta-based live casino provider CreedRoomz is taking such games to a new technological level. In fact, it is integrating robots into its titles, where they take on the role of croupiers. The brand's Senior Product Manager, Levon Hambardzumyan, recently commented on this in an interesting business interview.

Roba from CreedRoomz as a unique robot project in the live casino

Live gaming provider CreedRoomz developed Roba, a robotic croupier, in response to the restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic. Casinos around the world had to close, and live casinos on the internet experienced a huge influx. With the help of robots, the developer wants to be even more flexible in the games it offers and, last but not least, offer players a very special, technologically completely new casino experience.

CreedRoomz Product Manager Levon Hambardzumyan is even certain that robots are just the beginning. Together with a massive expansion of artificial intelligence, he believes they mark the next step in the digital transformation of the casino sector.

The Roba project was launched at the end of 2022. According to Hambardzumyan, the mechanical dealer will be able to "perform all the actions and tasks of a real croupier". It will be trained to deal cards, remove them from the table, shuffle them for the next round and display the results of each round.

Levon Hambardzumyan also emphasises the high level of transparency, accuracy and efficiency: "The robot makes everything clear, visible and transparent for the player. This innovative tool significantly optimises the work in a live casino studio by eliminating human error, increasing accuracy in dealing, helping operators to reduce staff and premises costs, and providing an automated gaming experience around the clock".

These are undoubtedly more advantages for the casinos than for the players, but according to Hambardzumyan, the Roba tables have attracted a lot of attention from live dealer fans.

Robots are currently running some Baccarat and Dragon Tiger tables at CreedRoomz. A blackjack implementation has also been announced for the near future. "We have plans to integrate more existing games, but we are also open to individual game requests," says Hambardzumyan.

Robot initially tested in Asian casinos

At the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia in 2017, a panel discussion on the rising cost of employing casino dealers was a hot topic. According to Hambardzumyan, AI was already an issue at the time, but the technology was not yet "market ready" (for casinos). Nevertheless, the opportunities that robots could offer were brought into the debate from many sides, as the interview shows.

Since then, AI technologies have indeed been tested in many Asian casinos - especially in the industry hubs of Singapore and Macau. With this in mind, CreedRoomz conducted an initial market analysis on the Asian continent. For Hambardzumyan, this is "the region that is seeing the most innovation".

Where will the technological journey take us?

CreedRoomz is clearly not resting on its laurels: Levon Hambardzumyan makes this clear in his statements. Although the company is aware that it has created a significant innovation with Roba, the development of the system is far from complete.

Hambardzumyan says specifically:"The automated dealer will remain at CreedRoomz Casino - and we have already thought of ways to improve it. Our next step will be to install a camera in Roba. This will take video streaming to the next level and create an interesting new point of interaction with our players.


The robot in the live casino is always exciting. The developer also deserves respect from a technical point of view (even if the game sequences organised by the machine are not overly complex). The question is, do we really need more "dehumanisation" in our everyday (gambling) lives? Sure, all this digitalisation and mechanisation has its advantages. But isn't one of the central ideas of the live casino to bring a human, personal, real component to online gaming and to give it at least a hint of a real casino atmosphere? The Roba project works against this idea rather than promoting it.
It should be noted that the CreedRoomz product manager does not necessarily see Roba as a replacement for the real croupier, but as an interesting (and marketing) alternative:"While robots can improve the level and quality of entertainment and provide a unique gaming experience, they can never replace the influence and role of the human factor in a live casino. Nevertheless, many people will be attracted by the fact that, instead of a croupier, a robot 'sits' in front of them and performs all the dealer's actions with clear and efficient movements".

That needs to be said: On GambleJoe we only list legal online casinos that have a German gambling licence. The games from CreedRoomz and live games in general cannot be found there due to the provisions of the State Treaty on Gambling of 2021.

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