Bally Wulff is one of the best-selling casino games developers in the German-speaking world. Under the umbrella of Apex Gaming, the company produces slot games for pubs, arcades and online casinos. The company is now looking to expand its expertise through a new partnership with German software provider Apparat Gaming. The partnership is no coincidence and is based on a long-standing relationship at management level. What can we as players expect from this partnership?

Partnerships and mergers between companies are commonplace in the business world, including in the casino entertainment sector. New companies and brands in particular can benefit from specific advantages when they join or collaborate with larger groups. The German software provider Apparat Gaming, which has been on the market since 2020, has increasingly put out its business feelers in recent months.

The aim is (logically) to gain a greater foothold in the market - both nationally and internationally. Obtaining a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority, a partnership with SkillOnNet, collaborations with well-known brick-and-mortar casinos (such as the Grand Casino Bern) and, last but not least, the ever-increasing promotion of its own products (such as at the SiGMA Europe iGaming trade fair) are just some of the more recent milestones.

Apparat recently announced a new merger - also on the occasion of SiGMA. None other than top German developer Bally Wulff from Berlin will join forces with the newcomer. Bally Wulff's main objective is to gain a strong partner for its online business in Apparat Gaming. Apparat, on the other hand, benefits from the big name of its new partner and is looking forward to combining its many top slots with its products in the future.

What are the plans for the merger?

Bally Wulff is well known to anyone who has spent time in Germany's casinos and online. Slots such as Texas Tycoon and Old Fisherman have become modern classics and are popular with many slot fans.

Apparat Gaming, on the other hand, is probably known to far fewer people. Since it was founded in 2020, the company has focused exclusively on the online market. The company is headed by Michael Wendt - who was actually the managing director of Bally Wulff until he set up his own brand. He used to make his living programming games, but then decided to pursue a career in the gaming machine industry.

Apparat Gaming currently offers 26 slots - including announcements:

The Black Book of Pirates

Fruits First

The Griffin - Guardian of the Hidden Treasure

Jack Potter and The Book of Dynasties

Banger! Firework Fruits

40 Sevens

Plenty Pumpkins

7 Supernova Fruits

Eggciting Fruits - Hold and Spin

Sticky Star Fruits

Caesar’s Legions

The Warlock's Book

100 Sevens

Fruit Storm (Apparat Gaming)


Pharaoh Princess

Mallorca Wilds

Total Eclipse XXL

Jack Potter and The Book of Dynasties 6


Total Eclipse

October Bier Frenzy

Valkyries - The Nibelung Legends

Jack Potter and The Book of Nubia


King of the Vikings

Finest Fruits

The Guardian God: Heimdalls Horn

Mystic Forest (Apparat Gaming)


These titles may soon appear in Bally Wulff's land-based portfolio. However, it is more likely that the Apparat Gaming and Bally Wulff games will be more closely linked online. Wendt himself says that the best slots of the partner brand will be offered under the Apparat label in the future. For Bally Wulff, the partnership could mean an increase in the flexibility of its current online portfolio. It is possible that new ideas and, ultimately, new features will find their way into the arcade expert's portfolio, which in many respects is quite classic.

This is what those responsible at Apparat Gaming and Bally Wulff have to say about the future

Bally Wulff is keeping a low profile when it comes to promoting the new partnership. Not even a news item on the website mentions it. Apparat Gaming, on the other hand, has issued a press release and made a more or less formal announcement at the SiGMA. Logically, the partnership is a much bigger deal for the small, up-and-coming brand than it is for the old arcade stalwart.

However, Gerhard Hubmann, Managing Director of Bally Wulff, also had his say:"I see the cooperation between the two companies as a sustainable gain with new ideas and approaches for the market".
Michael Wendt's statement is a little more detailed: "It's always good when you know each other - it's even better when you know each other so well that both sides know exactly where they can best support each other. We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to offer existing and new partners at SiGMA not only our own portfolio, but also Bally Wulff's proven winners on the German market for the German and international markets".


Michaels Wendt's gaming brand clearly states that the new partnership underlines Apparat Gaming's "motivation to take a leading position in the German market". It remains to be seen to what extent this will be achieved and what the players will get out of it. However, the direction seems interesting - and perhaps Bally's games will get an attractive new input as a result of the collaboration. We will be sure to keep you up to date.

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