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News & Notices: My generosity grows with my winnings = Psc Inside (Page 6)

Topic created on 03rd Jul. 2018 | Page: 6 of 9 | Answers: 83 | Views: 13,422
Hey people
You force me here just also such a long text to write what I do reluctantly because it's pointless here some want to bring something over and waste my time. Am now also times arrogant^^

If I had not done so publicly I would take the fun of some here to get upset about it and deprive me of the realization of how badly some deal with each other and actually ... no matter what input post ... are only out to argue or others ankacken.
(this is also irony if you recognize it).

Some posts were very funny and you noticed immediately that social structure between individual users which has prevailed for some time.
The 1st post was only skimmed and then only with their own already longer prefabricated opinion reacted to other posts and rumgehackt on it.

Since some hang themselves on the word "slime" which is meant ironically and referred to the post of ShinShan I have answered in the normal raffle thread ... read?
Since those normally "read" everything I assumed ... my mistake.

Here I have extra quotation marks pureemem and "joke" written behind it.
Nevertheless, some do not recognize it as irony and make the whole nicely meant action kaputt.
You're not even about the sense of such an action ... you just picks something out and then argue among themselves and many following do not even read the input post but jump on the "slime train" of the predecessor. It's always the same^^

Thank you that I could entertain you.

I'm not going into every single post now ... just bullet points ... it's all clearly in the opening post.
The win ... even if you have to do some math.
Why I can not be broke next week (Danielowitch I think).
Haven't written anywhere that it's a gift (condition?)

I also like to tell you that ..
Was possibly a bit stupidly formulated ... I do it for months with one of here so ... I win he gets something and vice versa ... is somehow taken for granted and yet one is always happy about this gesture ... nevertheless voluntarily and without "I must give him something now".
From this arose the thought.

Of course I know myself that almost all here are so on it and even then at Winnings this "conceal" ... frightening.

So times cool down^^
No one here had to suck up or make a monkey out of himself and I don't need any video evidence (not even if it would be 1000).

That's how I wanted it ... 2 sets ready ...
but it must write some ellenlange non-fitting texts ... some opinions should be kept to themselves from time to time because they are garbage and serve no real good purpose.
Am also on the slowplayschiene Unterwegs Where Deposit would I do not know but Casumo and Rizk comb into consideration and at the Paysafverlosung no luck had

From me just a congratulations, happy for you that you could win something
(Do not consider me in your lottery)

I tried here only to share my joy about the Win rare for me so far.
Thanks for thoroughly ruining the promotion for me.
I probably don't even know how Daniel must have felt the last few months with his "lotteries" though.

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From my side, the action is over and I know what I have to do next time.
3 of you get a PN with the code /think tomorrow morning it goes.
... do with it what you want

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Well, that's how it is here....there you call once free beer, and the flap hangs on half 9.🙈

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Player89 wrote on 04/07/2018 at 00:48 PM
So you also make me more aggressive than like any Sunday driver ..I read circa 6 months here and still waiting for a realistic post from you >:O..but of course it remains a forum where everyone should and can say what he may

Every contribution from me is realistic. Only half of stkries contributions are designed to me anupöbeln why I can not take the old coffee gossip princess seriously. Who every time to speak as soon as I get in touch deserves no more attention, especially since it is pointless. I can do what I want anyway and there is something to complain about so what the heck. By the way, "as how" is very bad to read.

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I have not read through the whole post now.
Your contributions are characterized by an
unprecedented spinelessness coupled with
Ignorance and

Outrageous these insinuations!

This post has been translated automatically


Nobody complained about the action as such
complained. The basic idea is nice.

Nevertheless, it has a negative aftertaste,
if it concerns here a kind application, and the winners are "instructed" to divide evt profits. Some people here have taken it that way.

Even the title of the thread has a negative connotation. It really comes across that way.

Since some insight would have been more appropriate, instead of defiantly reacting that we have broken you.

Of course, some are right here who write that it's your business. But if you bring this up so publicly, you should not be surprised about critical voices.

This post has been translated automatically

Stkrie and bones.. Is there actually any post where you two times not bickering? can you such discussions in the future privately via the messenger to carry out? I have no desire to read every day your gekeife ... This is now like kindergarten with you two ...

This post has been translated automatically

Ronny1982 wrote on 04/07/2018 at 11:26: Stkrie and bones.... Is there actually any post where you two don't bicker for once? can you have such discussions privately via messenger in the future??? I'm tired of reading your nagging every day... This is now like kindergarten with you two ...

I see also so.

This post has been translated automatically

The question is, why must everything be used to nag?
Of course, I do not want to deny anyone in a forum, but you can also think: I find now not sooo cool made the action, but well, is not my thing.
Completely unnecessary that stand here now again 5 pages of discussion (nothing against discussions as such, but this is completely over).

Now I have myself involved in it, as should take my contribution now times still seriously.ðŸ˜'

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Then in the future we would have an entrance thread, congratulations, and the rest we will think.

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