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Feedback: Proposal against the triggery (Page 2)

Topic created on 02nd Oct. 2018 | Page: 2 of 2 | Answers: 18 | Views: 4,287
Meal and hello Aka

I would like to say something in general about pause and close account. I PERSONALLY do not think much of the pause function on this site. At the end of the day, you have to get locked at the casinos and not on a site where you can't play at all yourself. This has also only been a decision for the users, as there have been requests in this regard.

Furthermore, how should we recognize you if you are not logged in? Do you always have the same IP on all your devices? I don't think so. Cookies would be a solution. But let's be honest. If you know that the images trigger you and you still come to our site: Don't you think you can use the private mode of a browser to get to the page? Or just delete the cookies?

Ok, then there would be the way to show all GambleJoe content only after login. For God's sake. We are not an online banking platform. So also no alternative

So that leaves only one solution. I use that at home for the kids, too. I use the router's content filter to block certain types of pages or sites. So at least in this case I can contain the danger of contaminated sites. Doesn't help of course if they go through mobile data

So if you want to be sure not to visit certain sites anymore, then you have to block them locally on your end. E.g. with various programs, router settings, etc.

As you can see, the issue is not that simple in the end

I wish you a relaxing holiday!

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It is technically not possible to block the pictures and videos for individual visitors. I think there is also no forum / info website in the world where you can pause or lock your account. Personally, I thought this feature was unnecessary but some people wanted it and we implemented it.

In principle I find this function also strange. I mean we are not an online casino. With us you can't directly bet and lose money, you can only get information in all kinds of forms. You can get the information, locked or unlocked, at any time. And unfortunately we can't do anything about that

If you know that you have a problematic gambling behavior, are triggered by winning pictures and videos here and suffer from it, then unfortunately we can do nothing. In these cases, you have to take action yourself and simply stop visiting GambleJoe and other gambling sites. I mean, you can't prevent being triggered on a website of this kind. It's enough if someone writes here in the forum: "I won 10.000€+ yesterday!" and possibly posts a winning picture in the forum.

If I now want to stop smoking, then I also do not register in a forum for tobacco friends. And if I was a member there, then I simply don't visit this platform anymore, because I know that this could harm my intention. If I'm an alcoholic, then I shouldn't be in bars during the first few months of withdrawal either. If you are addicted to gambling and want to stop, then there is no middle ground, then you have to radically break down all tents and give gambling and everything that has to do with it a wide berth.

By the way, this is also one of the main reasons why I am less active (on the front) here since I stopped gambling. It's getting more again but I also have to take care of myself a bit. For example, I hardly look at pictures and videos since then. Matthias & Co. do that.

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Aka has probably also realized this and has already deleted himself. Could not it theoretically implement that pictures and videos are only visible to logged in users? Or does that harm the forum? After all, you would have to log in to see something

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Daniel wrote on 03.10.2018 at 19:27: It is technically not possible to lock the pictures and videos for individual visitors. I think there is also no forum / infowebsite in the world where you can pause or lock your account [...]

It is technically possible! You could lock the images in general and only for verified users unlock, that this is not attractive and useful for the continuity of GJ should know each person. I am glad that everything is freely accessible here.

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Ankor wrote on 03/10/2018 at 20:03
It is technically possible! You could lock the images in general and unlock only for verified users, that this is not attractive and useful for the continuity of GJ should know every person. I am glad that everything is freely accessible here.

Yes, you are right. It is technically possible. A lot of things are possible, but at a certain point it becomes monotonous and also user-unfriendly. If we would implement that, then we would also have to implement soon that forum posts like this one are recognized and hidden:

But who benefits from that? Anyone who is addicted to gambling or has a problem with gambling and wants to work on it should generally not hang out on sites like GambleJoe and should generally be done with it. If I want to quit smoking, I try to avoid situations that might trigger me until I really feel stable enough to withstand certain situations. For example, I wouldn't go on YouTube and watch any old cigarette commercials two days after quitting. Why would I do that? You can decide for yourself what you consume

GambleJoe is not a website that non-gamblers can avoid. Only those who actively search for us or actively search for gambling topics will find us. We also don't advertise on off-topic websites, on off-topic Twitch channels or on TV, because I think that's unethical.

Aka is a forum member who has been with us since the beginning and who I hold in high regard. I think it's a shame that he's gone but if he manages to quit by staying away and has a better life as a result, then I'm happy for him and hope he never shows up here again

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all flags in the wind. unstable own opinion.

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Big wins happen all the time, so of course you might get triggered when you see it. If you want to fight Gambling addiction, deal with yourself and talk about your problems instead of even paying attention to winning videos and such. I personally find the feature very useful.

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Hello Aka,
just lock the Gamblejoe website in your hosts file, then you won't be triggered anymore

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Unbeliver wrote on 03.10.2018 at 11:41 am: The proposal is for me something absurd. The casinos are also advertising on TV, should they also black out the screen for the time of advertising and for people who want that?
Fading out will be difficult.

I fands full awesome when I saw the Wunderino advertising later in the afternoon in the Glotze.

It is sometimes so that you actually no longer want to gamble and then mim PC or smartphone unconsciously rumsurft out of boredom on Gamblejoe.

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