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Feedback: Offtopic conversations in the general no deposit / free spins thread (Page 6)

Topic created on 21st Nov. 2019 | Page: 6 of 10 | Answers: 92 | Views: 17,588
Top Member
Bones wrote on 11/22/2019 at 11:58 AM
How inane this argument is....
So in plain English, does that mean the people who are bothered by offtopic in the General Nodeposit thread are the ones who like to read Nodeposit offerings? If so, this is another reason to take action against offtopic. After all, the thread is there for nodeposit offers and not for private conversations.

Just leave it the guy ( intermediate master ) just doesn't get it.

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Bone has taken him apart argumentatively. Don't understand how you can be so hard on your right to spread offtopic garbage. In this case it is yes even against the forum rules 🤔

Thanks to Gamblejoe for this poll shows again a bit more about the community

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Bone wrote on 22/11/2019 09:12: You can not seriously demand tolerance for posts that clutter up a thread and thus believe themselves to be in the right. But if that's the case, I demand tolerance for the forum rules, which state that content must fit the original topic

Otherwise, you can post photos of naked women waving swastika flags at a refugee king, and then demand tolerance for your personal taste. True, there is a large community here. And that's exactly why universal rules are important and it's not okay for one group to impose their will on another. Because there are definitely people who have something against senseless garbage posts in the forum and they probably deserve just as much representation as the loudmouths

It demands but no tolerance for the contributions to fill a thread!?
If it is clear OT, such as weather or any stupid comments are can and must the way. If, however, due to some action 20 pages of discussion with questions and the like open up is simply times no OT, because it simply belongs to the topic, whether it is now directly ND or not also makes little difference, because to distribute everything over 10 different threads makes times no sense

Regarding the loud necks: These are in the ND thread but definitely times the people who see everything as OT and this must also announce at any time of day and night and indeed to everything that does not contain at least something for free
This group is often active only in this thread and if something comes from them, then I.d.R. against OT, rather less constructive

Now to answer your question: Yes, this group deserves representation, but representation never works through passive, aggressive behavior
But I like to fire the question back: You already said that is not a ND site. Now these people are almost exclusively active there, have the pure NDler now in your opinion a representation earned!

What you are trying to do here with your statement is to push through your best-case-scenario with rules, no rather arbitrariness. There are absolutely no universal rules, either you set rules and patronize the one or let it be and motivate with it the other

So I ask again: What would be the problem with a technical solution, so posts with ND content mark when creating and include in the thread itself a button that filters out everything. I build you in 2 minutes, if there is not already something. So can be discussed and at the same time the cleaned thread is displayed.
Since the answers of the OT opponents have been absent here so far, you have to assume, these are just looking for conflict. 🤷

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Top Member
MarcT22186 Can it be that you always have to have the last word ?

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Top Member
That a thread runs in parallel to discuss the free play offers, I think is good but this will probably not work

Is there somehow the possibility when someone posts a free play offer, the users directly below this thread entry what to write or can discuss? I draw times as a comparison Facebook. There someone posts under a photo / post something and others respond directly to the written. At best, this is then technically implemented here so that you always only get the offers displayed when you go into the thread and must first click somewhere that you can see what was written to this entry

I hope I could bring it across well enough, how I mean that.

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Find the idea of MarcT22186 or RebellYell quite good, if that can be implemented technically, so much the could yet all be satisfied 😃

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So I agree with Marc and zwischenmeister.


How much off topic is there?

Do we then also make a sub-forum for the sub-forum? Then we can ban all those who write even a scintilla of often topic, punish etc

Each of us has written somewhere off topic, but to make such an ass tear because of it, I find frankly ridiculous

Explain to me but one what is so bad, if you read something between the lines?
What are you afraid of?

For years it runs so, and everything was good, and now all of a sudden you do not find your 10 fs more?

Some I feel really sorry here....

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No Deposit and Free Play offers simply in color RED write....

e.g. BETSSON 10 FS / Slotname

so you can quickly find the offers and skim the offtopic / the rest.

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Top Member
robby811 wrote on 11/23/2019 at 01:30: No Deposit and Free Play offers just write in color RED ... .

eg BETSSON 10 FS / Slotname

so you can quickly find the offers and skim the offtopic / the rest.

Also ne very good idea Robby

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Cubey wrote on 11/23/2019 at 11:11 am
Also ne very good idea Robby

Yep, that would be worth a try!

That being said, should be enough to say what kind of ND thread you want. Only with offers or with smalltalk
Reading through the opinions here, both have their justification somewhere. You don't have to start to show the opinion of the others as wrong or ridiculous or to argue broken (if this is grammatically correct?)...

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