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Feedback: Just say thank you! (Page 2)

Topic created on 22nd Sep. 2017 | Page: 2 of 2 | Answers: 17 | Views: 4,276
Best community in the gambling area In the summer then forum meeting Boschstraße 7, 32312 Lübbecke !!!

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Oh dear take the address just quickly out again - flashmob danger

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Of course I would like to return the thanks. Without a good community and people who support you, the whole thing would be impossible. In this sense there is nothing to thank. We thank!

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Daniel wrote on 09/22/2017 at 11:28 pm
Deluxe2405 wrote on 22.09.2017 at 21:56: Hello this post goes to Daniel aka Gamble Joe . I wanted to thank you that you always help people and always play with open cards and say that you can win but in the end you lose more than you win. I can only speak from my experience and say that I am much better since I am here on this site. Please continue to do so and open the eyes of people who think you can win money in the casino. You have really helped me to get out of this vicious circle. So thank you again thank you.

Thank you! Something like this you always like to hear and motivated to continue.

Hello to all I'm since December silent reader of Gamble Joe but now I had to join the cool gambler community
i'm not a big talker Gamble Joe is for a long time times a site on which I like to spend time
Very Intresannt is vorallem In the forum that certain game behavior game patterns addiction etc. are honestly revealed by players.
Some behavior gives someone to think or Spigelt him again.
I am not a full addict but after several wins of 5-10K with 50-100€ Deposit are pair of cells burned and the greed took no end
soon I will tell more about me.

I can only deluxe2405 join and say stay as you are Daniel Gamble Joe is really 1a and ne cool thing to open certain people's eyes Honest Open Self Affected

Thanks for the cool site really top!

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I also wanted to say thank you. It is really fun to read here forum and it is really well built

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I am also not long here but I was also very helped with the handling of online casino (bonuses, payout, etc.), but my thanks goes to all those who work at Gambel Joe. P.S. I <3 the news since, thanks Christoph for all the news.

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from the other thread which is now closed
Matthias wrote on 24/03/2018 , at 10:07 AM
Since non-members will certainly read this thread, I would like to mention again that we really give every week felt around the clock full throttle to develop the best casino comparison portal for the German market

this is also noticeable, since you understandably do not communicate every small change here, I always discover good changes when I browse the site.
and also the user contributions are mostly taken into account and as i find quickly implemented.
that's why surfing here on the site is pleasant and often makes you stay longer than you had originally planned
thank you

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i'm a gamer in the classic game, but I'm looking for sites where I can exchange with people who experience similar to me. Anyway, thanks for this site, I think it's great --- just keep it up.

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