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Feedback: Forum quality

Topic created on 24th Apr. 2018 | Page: 1 of 2 | Answers: 10 | Views: 3,120
I have to admit I'm kind of p**sed about your deletion action in the CT24 thread Matthias.Of course, some comments were far off topic - no question.You could have pointed it out and good it is.But delete ?! And that with the note the "quality of the forum is endangered "? I'm kind of missing the words - which is rare.Have you ever intensively dealt with what has happened here in the last 3 months in qualitative threads or comments ?! There are "food threads" opened or kitten pictures posted ?! No intervention on the part of the admins- nothing. Excuse me - but that would have to explain me times exactly.I will consider in the future very, very carefully what I post in which thread let alone even to open one.I would like to finally GJ in no case tear down. Man I'm shot straight - without words....

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Hello Vivera,

yes, unfortunately, in the said CasinoTest24 thread towards the end more and more pointless posts were written, which really had absolutely nothing to do with the actual topic. You say yourself that it happens more often that in some threads senseless things are written and we have intervened too little in the past.
That we give the forum and all members in a certain way free hand, that is our philosophy.

That my deletion action has now also hit some of your posts in this thread - what can I say about it - it was more than off-topic and I decided to remove these posts. I have already pointed out in the CasinoTest24 thread before that you should stay on topic, but somewhere you have to start sorting.

Food threads and cat pictures are also welcome to be posted at Off-Topic, that's exactly what this section is for.

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Matthias.. Even if I can understand your reasoning now somehow, but would it not have been enough to point us to it and not to delete the same ch? Was degree also really baffled...

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Ok I don't want to blow this up any further.No one has been insulted, called names etc.The deletion action is therefore inappropriate.I don't think this is good.

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Hello Ronny,

It is indeed the case, as some have also noticed, that this thread is very easy to find in Google. If you search for "CasinoTest24" the 2nd or 3rd result is this thread. I have now put myself in a completely unbiased user who searches for CasinoTest24 because of the deleted website and then possibly discovers this thread.

Personally, I have a habit of reading through the 1st post in a thread and then looking at what was written last.
As a new user, the last 2 pages were completely off-topic, I personally find it even as disturbing that there is now everywhere "deleted", even that I would like to fix, but that does not give our system yet.

Please do not see it as personal criticism or punishment, it should really only serve the better readability and the topic relevance of the thread.

In this sense, please do not take it too badly. I love you all

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Thank you Matthias for your "intervention".

Gamblejoe has grown a lot in the last 3 months, so the work of Matthias and Daniel here is increasing.

I remember so about the Christmas period around there seemed to me the forum rather as an "illustrious circle" few, but all the more active users. In the meantime WE have grown as a forum community and I still feel super comfortable here, however and that is probably a fact also the correspondence here in the forum and number of "dead threads" increased.

The netiquette here is super and although sometimes everyone is frustrated by his "hobby", the tone is just right

I'm not a nenungsverfantiker, ne sock may also times where rum lie, but I think the quality of the forum actually suffers if too much "spamming" is.

For this there are the forum rules read by everyone ?!

Contents in general

Please make sure that you check if there is already a thread with the same topic before opening a new thread. Also make sure that your posts fit the original topic.

We have here really free hand and can as a user pretty much do what I want in contrast to other forums, but we should ALL also pay attention to Gamblejoe by our contributions to increase Qualitativ (clear where it is about food / cat pictures it is legitimate to spam) because where else do you want to actively participate as a German in this scene in a community, if not at Gamblejoe (there is nothing worth mentioning)?

For a continued friendly and clear MITEINANDER

PS: This is not an ass kissing post, but my opinion

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So I think it's good that we show in a separate thread quiet times our pets or what we just fine food. That distracts a bit from all the gambling and you get to know the people who write here under pseudonyms a little bit or understand. Sure the forum is getting bigger and therefore a lot of crap is written.

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And besides, who determines what is crap here.beschimpfen goes not at all that goes without saying.

Whether cats or eating or hobbies clear that belongs with here purely

Who the hell has the whole day only the f**king zockerei in the head

I certainly not

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domesum wrote on 24.04.2018 at 18:50: And besides who determines what is crap here.beschimpfen goes not at all that goes without saying.

Whether cats or eating or hobbies of course that belongs with here purely

Who the hell has the whole day only the shit zockerei in the head

I in any case not

As long as it is in appropriate threads or rubrics, everything is cool, but if now a help-seeker or Wunderrino thread creator (once again bounced) opens his topic and it is eight post later about something else or a user with a z. B. question einklingt the topicsfremd or does not correspond to the original thread and the thread so "tears" is the Doof.

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I understand the basic idea: He thinks this is a gamer site / gamer forum so only topics about it belong here.

Personally, I find it nice to have an off-topic area where you can write about other topics.

I was before in another forum, where there were but in principle only 5-6 Daueraktiven.

Here I always read the same names, but overall there is "much more going on" than elsewhere, there are many exciting topics where you like to "read purely".
In addition, many are helped or it tries.

That the operators every month Paysafecards raffle (think worth 1000 euros or so )I find very nice and generous that they reflect a part of the income from the Affilate be.

I'm not long here, but read since then every day and find it exciting, what there is probably again every day to read?

And to Ct24, if Gamble Joe is displayed first on Google and so, many here are directed to the page, this is good advertising for GJ.
Mn could think, why BookofRa for this forum decided it all to tell, not for another.
Maybe he and the GJ team are in cahoots.

... and in one fell swoop the praise torn with his ass hahaha...:-D

Ouch now stones fly and I get banned.
No, please be kind to me, take it with a wink

Overall, I think the quality of the forum is good.
In other forums, you are already at a sentence that has nothing to do with the topic pointed out that you should stay on topic.
This can be seen as good but also bad.
Since it is here in any case very human.

Delete posts I personally but also not in order, seen several times here that someone has created a thread, then there was an answer which was marked as deleted, where you wonder why was deleted.
Freedom of speech should also apply here, then rather warn or threaten a temporal ban for multiple violations.

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