Wolff-Christoph Fuss is a well-known sports journalist, especially for Bundesliga fans with a Sky subscription. He regularly comments on Bundesliga matches for the pay-TV channel and will now be sharing his expertise with the betway community: That's according to a recent press release from the bookmaker. What exactly does this mean?

The British bookmaker betway has recently been able to attract some prominent faces to support its business. Just recently, we reported on US tennis legend Andy Roddick joining betway as a brand ambassador. He writes a tennis column on the sport's biggest events in the betting provider's blog (betway Insider) and will possibly contribute to the information on the planned information platform "Advantage, Served".

Shortly after the announcement of the partnership with Roddick, the next coup follows: Wolff-Christoph Fuss, who has been commentating on the action on the green pitch of the Bundesliga and other (international) football competitions for over 20 years, will in future be part of the betway representatives' squad. According to the corresponding press release, Fuss will provide active support to bettors in their betting predictions.

What role does Wolff-Christoph Fuss play at betway?

First of all, Wolff-Christoph Fuss has been engaged for promotional purposes, as is usual with such partnerships. As a well-known and popular presenter, he transfers some of his fame, authenticity, enthusiasm and expertise to betway, which should make the brand even better known and more present, especially among the broad mass of German football fans. Of course, the press release about the cooperation does not explain this. But that is the general psychological tone of such deals.

Betway particularly emphasises that Fuss, with his energetic nature, is a perfect fit for the company and will focus on contributing his expertise in professional football:

  • As an expert, he provides commentary and predictions on the upcoming Bundesliga matchday every Friday in the bookmaker's blog in the "Wolff's Weekly Review" section. Insights behind the scenes, which are often not irrelevant to sports betting, are also provided. Betway customers will receive "useful tips around sports betting".
  • There will also be more dialogue-based reporting. Fuss himself is an enthusiastic football fan, passionate about the game and always in lively communication with other fans. Like everyone else, he loves to talk about past and upcoming matches and give his opinions and predictions. That's exactly what the presenter will be doing on betway's social media channels. He will be talking to the community about what is happening in the world of football and sharing his own experiences of sports betting.

About Wolff-Christoph Fuss

Wolff-Christoph Fuss is undoubtedly one of Germany's best-known football commentators. For more than 20 years, he has used his distinctive voice and inimitably energetic and emotional style to commentate on the biggest matches in the Bundesliga as well as international matches, including several World Cup matches last year.

Fuss has also done commentary for Premiere. ESPN is one of the many stations in his career. The US sports channel is one of the world's largest media broadcasters in this segment. Since 2013, the native of Baden-Württemberg (born 23 June 1976) has been part of the Sky team. His main focus is the German Bundesliga, but he also covers the DFB Cup and the English Premier League. Fuss was the main commentator for MagentaTV at the 2022 World Cup.

Here is what betway officials and Wolff-Christoph Fuss himself have to say about the partnership

Both betway and Wolff-Christoph Fuss are looking forward to working together. The commentator and Maik Brodowski, Head of Marketing, Germany at betway, commented in the press release as follows.

  • Quote Wolff-Christoph Fuss betway press release: "Football is the hottest and most exciting sport in the world - a penalty kick or a brilliant individual move in the last minute can turn the whole game on its head. Betting provides that extra thrill. That's why I'm delighted to be working with betway, who are not only committed to entertainment but also to player protection. I can't wait to share my experience with the fans and discuss everything on and off the pitch with them. I'm sure the new Bundesliga season will provide plenty of opportunities and surprises.
  • Quote Maik Brodowski betway press release: "We are very proud to present Wolff Fuss as our German brand ambassador. Fuss is an esteemed commentator and a highly respected voice of football in this country. He is renowned for his exceptional insight and knowledge of the sport we all love. Together with him, we look forward to bringing our customers and all football fans closer than ever to the action on the pitch through our exciting content.


Wolff's Weekly Show has been running for a few matchdays now: every Friday, he actually gives specific predictions for the upcoming matches. The predictions are more or less accurate. Basically, though, the occasional punter can at least get a good overview for the weekend. The column is written well, refreshingly and sometimes humorously. You can read Wolff's typical energetic style. Whether he actually writes the tips himself is another question. 

Image source: https://blog.betway.de

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