A few days ago, the Gaming Authority for all regions in Germany (GGL) announced that it has started administrative procedures against the operators of Lottohelden and Lottoland. The online providers are being accused of providing illegal gambling on the internet. But how successful will these procedures be and what further measures may be taken?

A few weeks ago, we had reported that the Regional Administrative Department of Saxony Anhalt has issued 25 fines for illegal gambling. The Gaming Authority for all regions, which just a short while ago was assigned the task of combatting illegal gambling, has started administrative procedures against the operators of Lottoland and Lottohelden. The GGL has taken over this assignment on the 1st of July 2022.

Does Lottoland provide illegal gambling on the internet?

The allegations of the authorities that the providers are providing illegal gambling is quite serious. Apparently, they have already been offering illegal gambling on the internet for several years. However, Lottoland’s customers believe that they are gambling legally on an official site. In reality the uninformed “lotto players” are placing score bets solely on that particular draw. Consequently, they are not directly taking part in the draw.

In the past, the authorities had already forbidden Lottoland from providing its services. However, till now, Lottoland has not given in and has continued to provide gambling which is not permissible. The new State Gambling Act (GlüStV), which came into effect on the 1st of July 2021, clearly states that such gambling is absolutely not permitted. It is now questionable whether those responsible at Lottoland will now give in, since there are ongoing administrative procedures against them. Lottoland and Lottohelden are operated by the same company, the Deutsche Lotto- und Sportwetten Limited, which is based in St Julians Business Centre in Elia Zammit Street in St Julians, Malta.

Just a few months ago a court in Sweden had confirmed the financial penalty imposed on Lottoland, as a second instance. The original penalty which had been imposed way back in 2019 amounted to around 67,000 Euro. The German courts also had to address the offers provided by Lottoland. For example, in spring 2020, the District Court of Koblenz had imposed a fine of 30,000 Euro on the Lottoland boss. Now, even the GGL, the Gaming Authority for all regions in Germany, is proceeding against the online provider. Around a year ago we had reported about the persisting Lotto-Boom in Germany.

GGL is taking up its work gradually

The Gambling Authority for all the regions (GGL) is still not fully operational. This phase should be concluded on the 1st January 2023 and the Authority can then completely fulfil all its responsibilities and be in a position to regulate the gambling market in all regions in Germany. Around two weeks ago, we had reported, that the GGL has recruited a new department manageress. Since the 1st of July 2022, Nadja Wierzejewski is in charge of the department which combats illegal gambling on the internet. The Authority is based in Halle an der Saale.


The Gambling Authority for all regions in Germany is gradually taking up even more duties and since a short while it has been responsible for combatting illegal gambling on the internet. We are excited to see the outcome of the administrative procedures which the Authority has initiated against Lottoland and Lottohelden. However, we expect that it will definitely take time till these procedures are concluded.

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