British bookmaker Betway is known for its sponsorship activities. In addition to various football clubs, major tennis events are among the company's advertising venues. Fittingly, the company has now appointed a new brand ambassador: US tennis legend Andy Roddick will be the face of Betway's activities in the so-called "white sport". On the one hand, Betway customers will have to get used to new promotions, on the other hand, they will be able to benefit from Roddick's experience. What does this mean?

When online sportsbooks or online casinos (can) engage celebrity brand ambassadors, it is a clear sign of their market strength in a particular segment or even in general. Betway is undoubtedly one of the most active gaming companies in tennis sponsorship. They currently sponsor eleven international tennis tournaments. These include the Boss Open in Stuttgart, which is part of the ATP 250, and the Hamburg European Open, which is part of the ATP 500.

With such a commitment, it is hardly surprising that a celebrity partner is brought on board to promote such events. However, Andy Roddick is one of the biggest names in the world of tennis. The US Open winner and former world number one usually appears as a pundit on Fox Sports Live and is part of the BBC's Wimbledon coverage team.

But Andy Roddick doesn't just lend his face to Betway for advertising purposes. He also writes a tennis column about the sport's biggest events on the Betway blog (Betway Insider) and can contribute insights to the new "Advantage, Served" information platform.

This is the role Andy Roddick will play at Betway

As Betway published on its in-house blog, Andy Roddick will "bring fans closer to what's happening on the court through his insights, knowledge and assessments." Specifically, this means that he (already) publishes insights and predictions on major tournaments, matches and players or players. To that end, a new column has been launched on the Betway Insider blog. So we'll be reading from Roddick on a regular basis.

  • In the first edition of the column, Andy Roddick looks back at Wimbledon. He also looks at how the increasing use of technology could affect the tournament.
  • The second part is about predicting the men's and women's singles at the upcoming US Open. Roddick also talks about men's tennis in the US in general.

Betway also announced a new information platform, which the tennis star could also contribute to. Under the name "Advantage, Served", punters will soon be able to find out more about tennis and the sport's most important tournaments. At the time of writing, no further information is available on the exact content and design of this section. However, we will be keeping our eyes and ears open.

Here's what Andy Roddick and Betway executives had to say about the new partnersh

Andy Roddick has, of course, spoken out about his new role at Betway: „I'm excited to be working for one of the biggest betting brands in the world and providing valuable insight to the tennis community. We are approaching some of the biggest global tournaments - especially with the US Open on the horizon. The latter event is particularly close to the former world number one's heart. He won the Grand Slam title on home soil in 2003.
On the Betways side, Anthony Werkman, CEO, said: „It's great to welcome Andy Roddick to our team of global ambassadors! Andy is a household name in tennis and his opinions and knowledge will be of great value to readers of his column. Werkmann continued, "Betway has also launched its new creative platform, 'Advantage, Served', which is designed to give users more insight than ever before. Andy joins us at an important time. We know that our customers benefit from data and statistics. Our new platform will deliver breakthrough insights that will enhance the gaming experience for loyal tennis fans.“

Betway is a very active sponsor - not only in tenn

Betway is well known for its extensive involvement in tennis. The number of events sponsored by the British bookmaker continues to grow. There are now no less than eleven tournaments on the list. The Hamburg European Open, the Terra Wortmann Open and the Boss Open are three events in Germany.

Betway is also involved in German and British football, the NBA, NHL and numerous other leagues and sports clubs. Other brand ambassadors include former Premier League footballer Robbie Keane and English cricket legend Kevin Pietersen.

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Betway itself, of course, benefits most from the partnership with Andy Roddick. Such a well-known and successful tennis pro, not only regionally but also internationally, brings a lot of publicity and not least prestige. But the users of the platform should also benefit. The previous predictions of the new column are not so surprising for experienced tennis bettors. However, newcomers and occasional punters can certainly benefit. After all, there is a decent overview for anyone with some prominent expertise.

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