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News & Notices: Paysafecard lottery November 2018 - The winners have been announced! (Page 10)

Topic created on 01st Nov. 2018 | Page: 10 of 10 | Answers: 98 | Views: 13,210
you have to reach 750 points 2 months in a row to get into the lottery pot

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Sunnyundflo wrote on 04/11/2018 at 16:11: quick question ? why was I not in the lottery Pot ?

You have to be active for at least 2 months as far as I know (i.e. have collected 750 points), from then on you are thrown into the lottery pot for every active month.

Just have a look at your dashboard:

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Unbeliver wrote on 04.11.2018 at 15:44
You keep insinuating some total bullshit and I explained the whining story to you, do you not want to get it or do you ignore certain content on purpose.... "Probably" some of both!
I have not belittled, insulted or otherwise compromised anyone, nor does any of your infamous insinuations apply to me. Which arsenal of insults...list times or simply leave it alone...
You practice in respect and do not come to me constantly so stupid, this is to me namely too stupid....this is by the way not insulting but colloquial common
That you simply do not respond to the content of a comment speaks volumes anyway. I have no respect, I say only insinuations and nothing else from are an extremely negative person who is frustrated by gambling, there can of course no longer come out much reasonable.
With what right you can suspect Manipulation, publish and write but times your fraud and manipulation allegations to a casino which is registered in Germany, if they have sued you then times so right you know what your right is or you will then explain the judge!

Jammerlappen is a disparagement.
If you have not meant it in such a way, as it the meaning actually requires, then it is sufficient completely to clarify it.
One can also use other terms, so that it does not come to misunderstandings.

But it is quite characteristic that you react incredibly sensitive to criticism towards yourself, but see no problem in attacking others.
A simple "that's not what I meant" would have done the trick.
And because you immediately came rolling in with tanks, I just didn't buy it.

By the way, I am not a bit frustrated. Where things seem more than questionable to me, I simply don't play anymore.
p**sed off about possible cheating, sure. But all in all completely relaxed

So if you react so sensitively as soon as it's about you, maybe you can imagine that your verbal questionableness appeals to others as well.
The problem here is also that critics are often and gladly labeled as complete idiots. I can deal with that, but all in all it shows the interested reader that those who don't believe everything the casinos claim are not supposed to have all cups in the cupboard.
One should always remain critical. This may be difficult for some when the objections of others are constantly made out to be conspiracy theories and unbelievable.
This is simply not the way to have an exchange.

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Boah...Kaffelicht you suck ...mess with everyone here, even women, leave it alone

This post has been translated automatically

Ahh unfortunately not there again but still congratulations to the winners.

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Sahip74 wrote on 06/11/2018 at 00:17: Boah...Kaffelicht you suck ...messing with everyone here, even women, leave it alone

Other than that you're fine?
Who the hell are you?

Which woman do you mean? The one who is actually a man and threatened me via message?
You are funny

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How was that with the ignore ?

For your information since birth I am female, that has not changed over the years,
if you of course know more than me and my husband na then wow, you should do this professionally!
Then you might have something to do than make some baseless claims about other people on the internet.
Mr. Keyboardwarrior

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I'm imagining right now.

Police:What can I do for them?

You:I want to make a report.

Police:Against whom and why.

You:Against Kaffelicht for insult:

Police:Name and address please.

You:Kaffelicht from Gambeljoe forum.


Edit: Removed superfluous content

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The winners of the lottery have been published and the Paysafe cards have all been assigned.
Since the off-topic topics of conversation have no place here and are quite off-topic, I will now close the topic.

This topic has been closed

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