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News & Notices: Paysafecard Lottery July 2018 - The Winners Have Been Determined! (Page 5)

Topic created on 01st Jul. 2018 | Page: 5 of 9 | Answers: 87 | Views: 12,563
ShinShan wrote on 02/07/2018 at 12:19 pm: Clearly the winners are not complaining.

It is a fact that many register only because of this action. As soon as there is no longer, they are all gone again
and whether that makes sense I do not know.

I have not won, if you want to get at it.

Is it fact? I don't understand your problem. This is a goodie from the owners. Nothing more, nothing less. I think that's perfectly ok.

Edit: if 25 euros in one bring out envy and resentment, you should think about yourself.

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ShinShan wrote on 02/07/2018 at 12:19 pm: Clearly the winners are not complaining.

It is a fact that many register only because of this action. As soon as there is no longer, they are all gone again
and whether that makes sense I do not know.

I did not want to write anything to your comment and I also ask you not to feel personally attacked but I think as you express your opinion, it is also allowed me.

I am not yet long registered here but it gives me a lot of pleasure here, so that I have already collected a lot of points in my first month and introduce you, even with the knowledge that I will not participate after the one month in the Paysafe card lottery.

I think the moderators and admins are very thoughtful and will have something in mind, as well as now new changes to the rules for participation.
After all, you do not do this for the first time.

And please question yourself once (and I mean this really not personally also, if it comes across so and it is also not meant badly), if you look at your profile so what so the number of posts, points, etc., why you have registered here at that time? Maybe it sounded so simple and tangible close, in the above preview without registration that you can win here Paysafe cards.
It's fine, your opinion is your opinion but you can't and don't have the right to judge ALL of us because you don't know any of us.
You should always look at your own nose.

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No jokes, folks!
Whoever is greedy for the Paysafecards here,
you've got a lot of things wrong with your life.

These things have a value of 25€.
We are not talking about millions.

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Bvb1995 wrote on 02.07.2018 at 12:33 pm: Only register is not enough but you have to be active . Am everyone in here but only read along so for me this action is meaningless

But for others it is super but you must also be able to look forward to others

Find the action super continues

i have won a PSC but am exactly your opinion that you should also grant other people if you had no luck yourself

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The PSC action stirs up envy and ill will? sry but that's ridiculous
How does someone who thinks like that actually get along in a casino or gambling house when everyone else wins but he doesn't?

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Juhujipppieyyyeah - I also won once ... . Thanks GJ team! I'll see what comes around with.

Update: Unfortunately completely run through in BOD ... but well half hour fun had.

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There will always be people who are resentful of any actions.
If a normal Pasant is at night in the city on the way and would like to distribute from itself 20 sandwiches to homeless people, and at the end after the last roll of him was distributed another homeless person on the other side of the street looks at that and is then disappointed because for him nothing is left, that is not so great for that person but as sad as it sounds, you can not make it right for everyone. There will always be disadvantaged people in every situation.
But despite this, such an action by the person would have been a wonderful gesture and after all, 20 people would have been made happy.

But you just have to look at the whole thing from a different angle. Daniel has already started all Paysafe actions on YouTube before the page here even existed,
and if you believe me or not... this is actually not an intended marketing move from him but just reflects his character, even back then before he started with Gamblejoe and his other projects and was still working in a normal company himself, he was always the one who tried to support his family as well as his friends and acquaintances.

And everyone who knows Daniel personally also knows how damn important the community is to him and especially how grateful he is to every single user who has supported him from the very beginning and has helped to build him up and motivate him to a certain extent, even during his YouTube time. Therefore, he would like to return the favor to you as well as possible.

But Daniel & Matthias try to make it as fair as possible. The problem is that the Gamblejoe community grows from day to day, so Matthias has e.g. for yesterday's lottery instead of the usual 20 Paysafe cards even whole 30 Paysafe cards procured or raffled. And also the whole Gamblejoe team tries to come up with new promotions for their users (e.g.: WM 2018 Tippspiel).

And if you as a user worry that one day there will no longer be all the actions and thus some users will disappear again,
you can go ahead with a good example and also times can see over it that one times for 1-2 months not the luck in the lottery had and also times for other users in our community can be happy

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Thank you! The 25 Tacken go into a nice World Cup bet.

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I've been here for a long time with GJ. If I'm lucky I'm happy and if I'm not lucky I'm happy for the others. This is a nice gesture here with the PSC and should not be the reason to be here at GJ. The forum is there to exchange ideas, I think. I am really happy here even if there would be no action. This is just a little treat for the loyal users.

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I have a question.
What do I have to do to enter the lottery?

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