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Topic created on 23rd Jul. 2017 | Page: 2 of 3 | Answers: 28 | Views: 4,459
We just need some ham noodling robin stories again ! ðŸ˜'ðŸ˜'ðŸ˜'

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vivera365 wrote on 07/23/2017 at 10:39 PM

Well if I look so is the majority of the " hard core" yet still there ðŸ¤-

So you can see who just wanted to dust something *cough 77777Net cough* and who is really interested in the forum and the site

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Hammerdammer wrote on 23.07.2017 at 20:24: I fully agree with Vivera there unfortunately. Not unfortunately because it is Vivera but because I share this opinion

I ask myself very often why you do not get hilfe to it, since you often say that it is too much work for you 2?!?!

Because employees are expensive An employee costs at least 36,000€ a year. First make 36.000€ more turnover.

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oh come...why now immediately with annual salary ?
There are also employees who do this in their spare time just on the side ...clear nothing is free but there are certainly some who also like to do in their spare time ...

yes and was times on the side 77....äh look!

Is you unfortunately something before out ..what news etc. concerns ... but hope that this project here the number 1 is...

Daniel, give but times a list or statement what you need in employees ? What you have in mind ? In which direction should the staff move ...what should be the core topics of this site ? Forum or profound reports from the gambling world or casinos ?

Crowdfunding (no advertising) would be, for example, a way of financing ...

Or just put high profits here in the site and not gamble away again ...(see list of Matthias )...

Just a suggestion !

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Well, here's what we'd need full time at best:

1x programmer: backend development
1x Designer: web design / frontend development
1x editor: professional journalist who does proper research and writes texts. This person should also be able to identify with the site.
1x Social Media Manager: Takes care of all social media stories and the forum
1x Accountant: Does bookkeeping and prepares statistics
1x Assistant: For all possible diligence tasks

So 6 full time employees would be the optimal case. You can calculate what that costs

Well, we really have to think about it - we will. Thanks anyway for your suggestions, maybe some of it comes into question for us.

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So I'll take either the social media manager or the support staff
This is really no fun. I would not only have extreme fun, but would also be available to you to the full extent

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As a helper, for example in the forum, I would also make myself available.

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JoKer wrote on 07/24/2017 at 12:40 pm: I would also make myself available as a helper, for example, in the forum.

Thanks for your willingness to participate. Auxiliary is occupied by my brother who does this job mostly on a volunteer basis. Social Media Manager is not that important right now and it's not as easy as it sounds. Here is a job description:

@Hammer did you learn anything along those lines? Would possibly be interesting ...

A good editor would be important. Me and Matthias put our heads together and thought about something - we are creative and have fighting spirit . In the middle / end of next month there will be regular news on GambleJoe. Of course I will also write from time to time. Important is - you are right - the regularity ...

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So writing gives me a lot of pleasure - am happy to contribute in this direction.

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Have you written ne PN to it, because I write my references reluctantly here purely

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