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News & Notices: New function: visible Likes in the forum (Page 2)

Topic created on 24th Jun. 2022 | Page: 2 of 3 | Answers: 23 | Views: 3,539
Matthias wrote on 24.06.2022 at 19:03: Hello Falke,
actually I have to admit that the phrase "Hatespeech" or "Hate Speech" was not aptly chosen in this context / in the opening post. For clarification, "Hate Speech" by definition refers to a linguistic attack on characteristics such as skin color, origin, sexuality, gender, age, disability, or religion of people. (Source: The linguistic attacks can target characteristics such as people's skin color, origin, sexuality, gender, age, disability, or religion.

I have adjusted my post, I meant the issue of "bullying" or indirectly teasing, pestering, provoking some double accounts against community members who like to participate actively on our platform.
Often, these posts appear from users who have already had countless accounts with us, but just can't get away from the platform, or for example can't cope with the fact that we (because of their behavior) have announced a user ban on our platform.
These users, who are always re-registering, are self-liking their posts with their duplicate accounts and this has a negative impact on the community.
We delete these accounts and corresponding posts if necessary, but the transparency of the new Like function creates a clearer environment for everyone to recognize corresponding accounts, or conscious "Stänker-Liken".

The introduction of the new function has nothing to do with censorship, since no one is restricted to represent his opinion in the forum.
Since the inception of GambleJoe, no user has been banned for their opinion - The exceptions are clear: if the users violated our community guidelines and direct insults were included in the posts.

Thanks for addressing that and setting the record straight as well. The function itself I find neither bad nor anything else.

I was mainly irritated by the term Hatespeech. But you have now clarified.

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I find jut

In another forum you can see how many likes someone got on all his posts, but there it is a completely different topic and has nothing to do with casino

Personally, this helps me already, so you can already draw conclusions
Or knowledge that you did not have before

Good job

Greeting outside Pot

Say do you guys miss beautiful Germany at all? 😁

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Top Member
You should also have Laugh Face Heart and Angry to choose from, like in Fratzenbuch.

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hustlehoff wrote on 27.06.2022 at 21:20: You should also have laugh face heart and angry to choose from something like Fratzenbuch.

We had actually discussed the topic in the team meeting at the time, after we had also agreed on the visible likes, but we ultimately decided against it together.

There is a lot of criticism about this, especially on Facebook, where it is clear that laughing smileys are used for serious topics in particular, and there are also a lot of experts on the web who report on this in more detail and explain the whole behavior pattern.

You can find an article about this here, for example:

"This is also the reason why the laugh emoji on Facebook has been repeatedly criticized in the past. Back in October 2019, the political consultant Erik Flügge took a closer look at the strategy behind the HAHA smileys (as he calls them). With these Smileys consciously certain topics, but also commentators in the discussion columns, into a bad light are to be moved."

And that could ultimately trigger a lot of negative on our platform, it's enough when a new member signs up and reports about his Gambling addiction / fears / problems or other and other users might get the idea to give a "laughing miley" on his post to make fun of the topic, so to speak.

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I find also good.
Thumbs down would possibly still be an option

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I also find the new function super. Should have been integrated earlier

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i think so too, a few additional smilys would be quite good. I would find cool

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Omg what has become of the store? Mathias has always been a bit mimimi but now he has completely mutated into a snowflake. If he were still in Germany, he would certainly vote for the Greens
Otherwise, many greetings to the old guard. Nice to see that my account has not yet been deleted. Bye.

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I don't care if you see the likes or not. But I would like to add a few smiley faces. And of course the slime alert button for slime comments, but you somehow do not want to implement. I can also think of a vulture button for begging posts and vultures. Best with sound, such a screeching animated vulture that flies once or twice over the post. But yes ... I know ... surely falls under cyber bullying. *waves away

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Likes without dislikes is nonsense

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