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News & Notices: New function: game statistics for self control

Topic created on 25th May. 2022 | Page: 1 of 2 | Answers: 16 | Views: 3,203
Dear Community,

As gamblers, we know that you should exercise a certain amount of self-control when gambling so that you don't end up with any nasty surprises.
In my past, for example, this self-control looked like keeping an Excel list of all deposits and withdrawals at my favorite casinos.
I wanted to know in which casino I was in the plus and in which casino I was in the minus.
Since this way of logging over the years was quite useful, but somehow also became confusing,
we sat down together and developed a new game statistics function.
You can find it in your user area by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner.

Here you can log your wins and losses for each casino individually and the system will calculate your personal casino balance.
The data entered can only be seen by you and other community members have no insight into it.

We would be happy if you tried out the function and would also be happy to post suggestions for improvement in this thread.

Kind regards

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Thanks for the feature, I had already seen that this afternoon. I will try that the days times and then give feedback.

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Regarding the casino selection. It would be nice if you could add the casino "PartyPoker". So far there is only PartyCasino.

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Cool function. I have my own Excel spreadsheet in which everything is recorded exactly, down to the penny.

But I think it's great that you provide such a function.

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Why should I tell you when I pay in and out where and how much?

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Yes how about privacy, the other users can not see it but what about gj team ? Mhh there must be more transparency^^

It must be all koscha nee

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Interesting function. Only I play too little to use it meaningfully 😃

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To be honest, this doesn't look like a function for players to me,
It rather makes the impression to provide GJ with information, which is then helpful in the Affiliate business
Sorry, a clear No-Way for me.

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Good morning,
since a few answers have already come in, I would like to respond to them in summary.

The use of the game statistics function is of course voluntary and was developed without bad ulterior motives. The idea was in the "drawer" for a long time, because we could already think that there are some users who do not want to disclose their game behavior for various reasons.

As far as data protection is concerned, I would like to emphasize that already at the start of the development we attached great importance to the fact that e.g. the comments and notes to each entry are automatically stored encrypted by the system.
By the way, we handle this the same way as Communicator messages, email address and password are encrypted
In case of a database leak, a hacker could not do anything with the data and would have to crack the encryption first.
Apart from that, GambleJoe has no access to Communicator messages (unless you send us a screenshot), nor to the game statistics of individual players.
The personal data is exclusively for you.
Theoretically, it is possible for us to create anonymous aggregate statistics of all deposits made by all users, but we do not plan to develop this feature for the time being. First we wanted to see if we get feedback from you and if the feature is usable.
In my personal opinion, every player should (for self-control) log their gaming behavior, be it on Excel or via our website.
The concerns that we have developed this feature to have advantages in the Affiliate business, I can honestly put out of the world right away.
We assume that of the user accounts created on GambleJoe, only 1-2% of users will use this feature anyway. Personally, I can't even think of a useful use for this data.
Every user plays in the casino of his choice and we have no influence on that.
We make money with GambleJoe, of course, but honestly after almost 10 years of running GambleJoe we definitely don't need to sell or otherwise use any user data.
By the way, we generally reject a commission on a revshare basis, i.e. the remuneration proportionate to the loss of the players.
We want to remain independent of the casinos and therefore always negotiate fixed one-time commissions for each new active player who registers with a provider. This way we have the possibility to kick a Provider out of the top list as soon as we notice that players would be cheated, without risking our partnership and Revshare compensation. One-time commissions are safer for us from this point of view.

Addendum - my personal statement:
As just mentioned, we do not sell or use any user data.
For example, we have never sent out a newsletter, although that would certainly be lucrative with over 30,000 members, and we have never sold even one email address since the beginning of GambleJoe.
Even if gambling business is called disreputable by some, or negatively afflicted, we want to be trendsetters and set a good example in this partly dubious market.
I could not justify dubious marketing methods to myself.

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I think you really don't have to justify yourself for every little thing.
I mean, if long-time users, who should actually know by now how you act and work now still have no "confidence" in you then you have to ask yourself why the people are actually here.

By the way, I have just tested the function and so far I have nothing to complain about. It is kept short and sweet and gives me a good overview. Thanks for that!

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