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News & Notices: MEGA lottery 15.09.2019 - The winners have been determined! (Page 11)

Topic created on 15th Sep. 2019 | Page: 11 of 13 | Answers: 123 | Views: 19,689
Saphira wrote on 09/16/2019 15:55: I think the majority of users, however, do not place increased value on the quality of interaction with each other. Forums for witty conversations and a "togetherness" exist elsewhere. Here you want to exchange about gaming, get tips, give and otherwise some distraction from everyday life. But I find that absolutely appropriate and okay.

That's perfectly fine, but here is written by some not at all about gaming and if then extremely unproductive. And that's fine, it's great that here people isch exchange. I was just disturbed by the proposal based on the number of posts, ... to sell off the remaining PSCs. I did not want to presume to Gamblejoe to prescribe how they perform their actions, but wanted to offer once clearly a counter-proposal as an alternative.

Personally, a good interaction is actually very important to me, when new users come in here, everything is immediately checked through and sometimes you are permanently accused of being a double account, a fake account, ... I just think that if there were not this PSC action, a few people would not always scare away the newcomers (at least a little less). But I'll leave it at this, I do not want to spoil anything here.

gruendels wrote on 09/16/2019 16:31: If you're honest, the masses are here to pick off the PSC. Not for nothing you read there names that are otherwise completely unknown.

Some are here because they get help, and never hear from those again after that, and some keep this forum going at all.

There is hardly much in between!

So it is also, my first impulse when I read that there is such a lottery? Directly register, after some time I realized then a few people have difficulties to join and if I help now and then the points come to stande. So why not, I was able to help a few people privately, some others unfortunately not. I am not omniscient, I also look extra in some threads for someone and search something on the Internet. Some do it still difficult and if then one says that everything worked out great, then you feel a bit proud.

I don't think it's bad if someone is registered here because of PSC. But I don't want to name names now, but some who really contribute very little here demand a kind of surcharge for loitering and I can't reconcile that with my logic and I apologize if I sometimes go overboard with my texts.

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Also from my side many many thanks for the renewed PSC, but especially for the action as such!

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Yesss Won Thank you

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gruendels wrote on 09/16/2019 at 16:31: If you are honest, the masses are here to pick up the PSC. Not for nothing you read names there that are otherwise completely unknown.

Some are here because they get help, and never hear from those again afterwards, and some keep this forum going at all.

There is hardly much in between!

Honestly now?

You've been registered here for just under 2 weeks, and you think you can form a judgment here.
Or is this a second account?

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upola wrote on 09/17/2019 09:41 AM

Honestly now?

You've been logged in here for just under 2 weeks,and you think you can make a judgement here.
Or is this a secondary account?

It is already clear that you can also read one account? And I'm not keen on a PSC, I buy myself one if necessary.

Any other questions?

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Oh, well then.


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Thank you also from me! That's times a great birthday present from you
Sorry that I also thank you so late and that I bring me so little! But at work is unfortunately cell phone ban and after 8 hours of work I still have a friend, friends and mother in which I want to invest my free time! Even if I'm here rather silently Mitlese I try to contribute something, as long as it allows the time!!! Think the same for all others who do not read so much of themselves, especially since a large part may still have children or whatever!
We are all for a reason here...because we want to play and preferably at reputable casinos and of course at best still free!
Looking for it I came across gamblejoe and did not know that this platform has such a wide range of info and recommendations to offer!
It also took me a while to read through the history of gamblejoe because you can tell that this platform is run more for our benefit than on our own initiative or marketing! Since then I'm in love and feel really well lifted here! And when I talk to friends about playing, I tell everyone meanwhile already, the gamblejoe but for every player is a must and they should read there times.einlesen!
So even if I do not always make a contribution here, I make it somehow already

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Dear Community,

we have read through each of your contributions and it makes us happy to see that we could bring you joy with our actions. Many have even won several times, just as we imagined .

Thank you for the incredible number of thank you's, kind words and tips on how we should continue now.

We have decided to donate the remaining part (that is about 60 Paysafe cards worth about 1500 Euro) to good causes. The exact amount is not fixed yet, because we give some members the chance to verify their accounts until the end of the month. Those who can prove that they did not try to trick us at the time of the lottery will of course get their Paysafecard assigned afterwards. There should be fair chances for all users, even if it is a lot of work for us to verify everything.

At least you can be sure that we have looked very carefully that no double accounts are admitted to the lottery. Some of the people who have thanked us here can also confirm that we have checked more closely.

On October 1, 2019 we will know how many Paysafe cards are left.
We will also name the "stragglers", i.e. the users who received their Paysafecard later.
We will also publish a list with all user names that we have banned.

The amount will then be divided by three at the beginning of October and distributed to all previous donation targets:
- The Ark - lunch for needy children
- Cold aid for the homeless from the Salvation Army
- Ship Manatee against plastic waste in the sea: One Earth - One Ocean e.V.

The mega lottery is hereby closed , nevertheless we would be pleased if you continue to rate the casinos, as this generates significant added value for the entire community.

We thank you again for your participation, we really enjoyed the action

P.S.: All future Paysafe promotions will also offer the possibility to donate the won amount for good causes!

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Top Member
Better late than never,
... and therefore also from me a mega big THANK YOU 🌸 for the PSC won. 💚

This post has been translated automatically

I am happy to read that you will donate the remaining cards. And I also think it's great how open, fair and transparent you work at gj. Really great

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