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News & Notices: GambleJoe action: rating of online gambling houses (Ended)

Topic created on 08th Nov. 2022 | Page: 1 of 5 | Answers: 49 | Views: 5,162
Dear Community,
as you have already noticed, we had to remove all gambling providers that are not licensed in Germany from the top lists.
The range of gambling providers on GambleJoe has already changed and new licensed providers are added regularly.

We would like to introduce the new providers to you at and would be happy to receive a casino review from you
On the one hand you help the gambling providers to improve their offer and on the other hand you help other players on GambleJoe to choose the right online gambling house.
Every sensible and objective evaluation of a licensed gambling house will be rewarded with a 7 Euro Paysafecard
We check the rating for comprehensibility and then award the Paysafecard within 24 hours.

The rating should contain at least 70 words and not only refer to the 1 Euro rule or the 5 seconds spin time
You are welcome to rate the site structure, the support, the Welcome bonus, the game selection, the loading speeds, Deposit options and withdrawal duration, as well as your gaming experience in general

The "rules of the game" in summary:
- only casinos licensed in Germany may be rated
- Changes to old casino ratings do not count as new ratings
- the action applies only to members from Germany, since our Paysafekarten are redeemable only in Germany
- multiple participation by rating different casinos is explicitly allowed
- the won voucher cards should be redeemed within 7 days if possible, because the credit on the cards (by paysafecard) will be reduced again by 3 Euro on 27.11
- we currently have 150x 7 Euro PSC available and as soon as these cards are used up, the promotion ends

By the way, we looked at the November casino ratings and the 4 users who have already rated a gambling house this month will get a 7 euro PSC retroactively credited.

If you have any questions about the promotion, feel free to vent in this thread.
To the overview of all online gaming arcades

Kind regards
Your GambleJoe-Team

Edit from Julian:
Note: The action has been ended in the meantime

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Super thing once again from you

This post has been translated automatically

Great action, thank you very much!
It's a pity that I've already rated 3 of the 4 game stores in the past, but in the future there will (hopefully) be new ones.

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I can also rate 2 the other not and the upcoming also not

1 rating is out

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Top Member
cool idea to get rid of the paysafe cards sensibly well then rate all diligently! easier you can not get a paysafe card

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Great idea, even if only one could rate

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Hightower wrote on 09.11.2022 at 12:48 pm: Super idea, even if only one could evaluate

There are only 4 so far and have myself at 3 of them an account but could only say to 2 what therefore only 2 reviews you are so fully good with it

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If you don't have a VPN and can't use the Gamblejoe site to its full extent, I can recommend Proton free VPN. It is very good and with the free version you can choose at least 3 locations. Among others, the Netherlands are included here and when set to this country, everything is still visible at Gamblejoe. And besides, Proton free VPN has no data limit, as is the case with many other VPNs that offer a free version.

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gamble1 wrote on 09.11.2022 at 12:53 pm
There are only 4 so far and I have an account with 3 of them but I could only say something about 2 of them so I only have 2 ratings so you're doing really well

Lach, yes I also have so many casinos accounts, it can not count more xD But Zocken tuh I so 5-10 alternately or as it allows money and wins!

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Thank you for the Paysafecard...feel pressed, team

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