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News & Notices: Free Paysafecards for January and February 2018 were distributed (Page 3)

Topic created on 05th Mar. 2018 | Page: 3 of 4 | Answers: 32 | Views: 7,090
Daniel wrote on 05.03.2018 at 11:41 am: Matthias drove all over Berlin on the weekend and in the sweat of his brow laboriously organized the Paysafecards for you.

Very simple idea ... every time you pass in the course of a month at such a "business" immediately take one with you then you do not need all at once^^
Here I would like to thank jjjerzlichst and also at the same time a little bit apologize if I step with my thread any of the bosses on the feet^^ (you will recognize him^^)

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SuitedTrips wrote on 05/03/2018 at 13:29: I just asked here in the supermarket. They just gave me a dumb look when I asked for n limit. But that was in Vienna/Austria, so maybe it's different here again

With us there are the limits only at gas stations. There it is so that you have to wait after buying a 100 either 10 min. or a few hours if the daily limit is already used.

In tobacconists and supermarkets you can usually buy as much as you want.

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Moin wanted to give a short feedback, what has become of the PSC:

In total I was able to pay out 170 €.
70 at VeraJohn and 100 at Videoslots.
That's a nice result for a lowroller like me :.-)

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My feedback: sunmaker : 252 € win, Videoslots : 60 €. So with the Paysafecards a total of 312 € Won. Thank you very much for this!!!

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Thanks also from me for the 2 x 10 euros PSC. Have invested in the Brightstarcasino and played a few Slos, but went down to 0.
Still nice action from you +++

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I'm glad that with the actions with a few people always what comes around. Our PSC's are special lucky PSC's

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Daniel wrote on 08/03/2018 at 18:27: Glad to see that with the promotions a few people always get something out of it. Our PSC's are special lucky PSC's

I suspect so too soon..I think you guys need to give some out more often ))

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Many thanks to GambleJoe and continued success, let the Pink Elephants dance with the PSC's now. 🙃ƒ

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I want to ask something and that is whether you can see the accumulated points of the respective winners? Would me times so interested

Then I want to say something regarding the "Paysafecards Limitation" - There are differences...

There is a "daily limit" and "limit per hour" - but this is not the same everywhere, both in the amount and in the Limitiemierung ansich. I explain times via bsp:

Store A: has a daily limit and an hourly limit
Store B: Has only a daily limit
Store C: Has only an hourly limit

This was introduced in the first place to prevent or minimize money laundering - Pretty pointless if you ask me, because as you can see you can still get masses of paysafecards^^

... on what depends the Limitiemierung then?! Roughly speaking = From the demand and sales, as well as the environment and general environment - eg:

At he Aral gas station in the forest, where 2-3 cars a day times pass - you will have both Limitiemierungen and if someone comes and 1x 100€ buys then the daily limit is also reached.

With me around the corner (live quite central in Berlin) is a gas station - this has a daily limit of 250 € // which is little^^
With me at work I have already 3x100€, in the interval of 2-3 min or so, sold^^ Was no problem...

Most employees do not know this Limitimierung, because this is with them possibly not yet arrived.

You can try to get in touch with the eService, which then increases or resets the limits at the sales terminal at short notice. Also 99% of the sellers do not know

- Fact is, and thus also plausible for everyone // PayPal or the eService Provider wants to earn money.

ps: there was once a long time ago ne Paysafe action at Media Markt / years ago -> possibly someone can still remember it - zb buy Tv device XYZ for 1000€ and get ne 100€ paysafe (somehow so) - There are tens of thousands of euros via Paysafe rausgegnagen.

Sooo... I do not know from which corner you come? Berlin possibly? Because then you could possibly look at whether you could facilitate the paysafe purchase?


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tontoo2 wrote on 08.03.2018 at 19:56: Many thanks to GambleJoe and continued success, let the Pink Elephants dance with the PSC's now. 🙃

there have quite nice peanut pictures can make

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