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News & Notices: A little surprise (Paysafecard promotions) (Page 5)

Topic created on 02nd Mar. 2018 | Page: 5 of 9 | Answers: 81 | Views: 12,329
Iseedeadpeople wrote on 03/03/2018 at 19:51I agree with you completely. only a few who think they have to answer every thread again and again do that because of the points and probably also out of craving for recognition because they can't get anything done in life, but would vehemently deny it if confronted

So I read almost under every thread your comments

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Skitch22 wrote on 03/03/2018 at 20:20
Sweep88 wrote on 03/03/2018 at 20:08
Skitch22 wrote on 03/03/2018 at 20:03
Daniel wrote on 03/03/2018 at 19:20
Dipson wrote on 03/03/2018 at 10:45 am: So the promotion means in reverse that the people who have the money to gamble a lot here most actively upload pictures, videos posts and then for that still clear the Paysafecards. My saying rich gets richer and poor gets poorer really fits every situation.

The people who have money have a little advantage, that's true. But there are many activities here that don't require money. And those actually earn the most points.
1. Rate casinos = 250 points.
2. Upload videos = 175 points.
3. Winning picture upload = 75 points.
4. Game rating = 10 points.
5. Comment under article = 20 points.
6. Forum activity = 15 points.
Points 1,4,5 and 6 do not require money but experience. Only points 2 and 3 need money. Well, point 1 costs indirectly money of course. But we are here also on a casino portal and I think everyone here has already gained experience with the one or the other casino and already deposited money somewhere, otherwise it makes no sense to hang around on GJ.
Completely free you could also test and evaluate all games in demo mode. There would also be quite a bit - purely theoretically considered ...
I am a supporter of an unconditional basic income and an interest-free money system and I know about the problems you are talking about. Unfortunately, we at GambleJoe can't do anything about it, and we don't have any other sensible or fair ideas about how to distribute it. If you have some, then always here with it ...
As I said, these actions are not meant to be a competition or a second income for some users, but just a small thank you to active users who contribute to GJ in a meaningful way. GambleJoe should be fun and informative for the users and not a competition or a kind of side job. Actually, no one should pay attention to the points and if someone then wins a Paysafecard, then is nice and if not, then it is also not bad. We are also talking about 100€ that you can get with us maximum and not 10,000€.

I am also for the basic income, am even at my basic income where you can win an annual basic income. I first came into contact with it in 2010 through Götz Werner, the founder of dm, who is also for the BGE, in the long term we will not get around a BGE anyway.

just look for a decent job outside of DM!!!
It will never come so ! The income is the German sanctuary!
Learn but not years and develop me further to lick others the ass!

Is it still going?

Boy you really have a screw loose read your Spielfrust not out here.

you are for basic income? Who has a screw loose ! !! Look clear and go create !

Has nothing to do with Spielfrust !!! Think about who every Assi gets your coal, because of basic income ...

Oh f**k you

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simply pointless here !

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@Sweep88 no offense but insulting other people here in the forum because they have a different view or share a different political opinion or economic opinion is a total no-go. Especially when you realize that this is totally off-topic and has nothing to do with the actual topic.

I don't know if you have some frustration which is why you are looking for a scapegoat somewhere... or if you are generally sensitive when someone has a different opinion, or if you are just looking for attention by threatening someone to delete your account... but no matter what, it is all totally out of place here.

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Pull yourself together Sweep! You really don't have to escalate so much about it...

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Sweep88 wrote on 03/03/2018 at 23:45: just pointless here !

Um then log off here?! Nobody forces you to stay here if it is so pointless

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Sweep, calm down. People have different views and opinions. That's what makes people. Of course, the more the other less meaningful. But please never forget that meaningful lies in the eye of the beholder. Schließlch we have a freedom of speech in Germany. Every opinion has its value and none is less valuable than the other only because it appears in some eyes less meaningful

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Here everyone should stay a little fluffy

There will always be somewhere spam posts/comments,..etc, will not be able to prevent, just
even without announced Paysafeaktionen these would be present.
But the action itself is really ne really cool thing?!!!

Thanks @Daniel and @Matthias for this opportunity

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Sweep88 wrote on 03/03/2018 at 23:45: just pointless here !

First of all this was an off topic topic and if you don't like my opinion then unfortunately I can't do anything about it. What does my personal view on a particular topic have anything to do with whether you want to be active here or not? Either you like our work or you don't. The Google founders or the Microsoft founder Bill Gates surely also have certain political views, which would not suit you. Nevertheless, you use the software every day because it is good for you.

Anyway, I think the BGE is a good idea and before you judge an idea, you should deal with the topic first. By the way, that's how I came up with this topic. I heard about it and thought with, what kind of weirdos want a BGE? I found it so absurd that I just gave the idea to myself. Simply in order to be able to make fun of it later. Well, in the process I was almost convinced. Almost, because it has simply never been tried in an industrialized country.

By the way, this idea does not come from some left-wing radical people, but also or mainly from successful entrepreneurs. And if you get away from thinking "I have to finance this" and think a bit bigger, then you can get a bit enthusiastic about this idea or at least get interested in it.

Here is another interview with Prof. Götz Werner (billionaire and entrepreneur):

By the way, I am not an ideologue either, so I say that this has to be done and that it will definitely be successful. I see it as an experiment and a chance to improve the monetary, tax and economic system for everyone. Simply an interesting idea, which certainly raises many questions and could also bring problems. If no one would work then, the idea would have failed. I don't think that people would only Schmarozen. The people who want to Schmarozen today, do that today anyway with Hartz-4. But that's only a small minority who have any mental problems or really can not find a job and such a small minority you have to feed through - you have to as I said today already.

To understand all this better you have to imagine that in 50 or 100 years there would be the first artificial intelligences, which could replace humans in all their abilities and would work even faster, cheaper and better. Then there would be enough goods and services for everyone but people would have no money to buy these goods and services. What do you do in this case? The machines do not need food and there are no or hardly any jobs where people could earn money. At the latest then an unconditional basic income would have to be introduced anyway.

As I said, I don't want to convince anyone and my personal attitude to this topic has nothing to do with this portal or this thread. I do not understand why this topic brings you so in a rage?

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Top Member
Sweep88 wrote on 03/03/2018 at 23:44: just get a decent job outside of DM !!!!
It will never happen that way ! The income is the german sanctuary !
Learn but not years and develop me further to lick others the ass !!!!

Is it still

you are for basic income? Who probably has a screw loose ! !! Look clear and go create !

Has nothing to do with Spielfrust !!! Think about who every Assi gets your coal, because of basic income ...

I do not quite understand your attitude, you go to work according to your own statement 12-15 hours a day and are thus part of a community that pays taxes.
Do I understand correctly when I read between the lines that you don't earn very much despite your enormous workload?
Is that what is possibly really frustrating you?
Why shouldn't a job at DM be smart?
Is it reprehensible to work in retail? On the contrary, the people who, in your opinion, do "menial" and unsophisticated jobs form the basis of the system and have earned my utmost respect.
You are insulting millions of people with this, and you are leading your own statements and views ab absurdum.
If one does not go to work, one is asocial (it is abbreviated then by the way Asi, that what you mean is an assistant, briefly an Assi), one is in the retail trade, one does not have a clever job, you must decide already for a core statement, that would be approximately in such a way, as I would maintain that you did not enjoy education, if I put your orthography and punctuation to reason and in their consequence, you cannot have a reasonable job.
But I don't, because there is gray between black and white.
I have been living in Germany for a short time, so I also pay my taxes here, it will surprise you, but with that I finance you as well.
Do you seriously think it would be enough if every working citizen earned exactly the same as you and had exactly the same taxes?
I rather think not, because there are very very many who certainly earn more than you, who thus support the system much more.
Should these people then look down on you just because you are a low earner in their eyes, but who benefits from all things subsidized by tax dollars?
You are certainly not the measure of things, you should focus on that, there are always those who are far above you in the "food chain", but who understand the game, please do not be so narrow-minded and also be tolerant of those who earn less than you, or perhaps do not have a job at the moment.
As written, I finance you with, but I make you there no reproach, because that just belongs to the system, to the game, if I had any doubts about it, I would not live in Germany.

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