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Feedback: I have a little criticism for our moderator. (Page 3)

Topic created on 27th Jul. 2018 | Page: 3 of 4 | Answers: 31 | Views: 7,128
The topic was not factual from the beginning. First was a legitimate question, why BTG is currently hosted by SG Digital, I have also thought about it. Immediately afterwards, however, it started with "I had bad free spins in Bonanza, that's fraud, there were 3 Scatters shortly before I was on 0, clearly fraud, can you take legal action against it".

This is exactly the nonsense because of which I stay away from the forum lately. This mutates here more and more to a tool to vent his frustration. Exchange of opinions is hardly possible when only one opinion prevails.

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Samira wrote on 07/28/2018 at 04:04 PM
Now I have to say something about this...

Without wanting to attack you.

If you had dealt with the thread, which is actually about here, then you would know that Stkrie not only feels attacked, but is also really attacked.
That he is now always in general suspicion, makes the thing as you call it, not " absolutely understandable " but absolutely unfair.
It is true that Julian admonished the Stkrie several times, but I have written it before and repeat me also gladly, it is not all warnings justified, since not with everyone was equally penetrated, although even bsp. by a user with murder was threatened.

The age I do not necessarily share, think the life experience is crucial, but can understand what the Stkrie here trying to clarify that with 23 years the life phase is too short to exercise certain actions perfectly. According to the motto, practice makes perfect.... and Julian thus still has a few years to practice to be able to lead others vlt deceived, which play the game called life longer.


I wrote to you right after you closed the thread and asked the question why, whereupon you told me your reasoning. I can accept your opinion, but I still hold a different one myself. As I wrote to you, it would have made more sense not to upset the TE to pick out the aggressor, you were of the opinion that it was Stkrie, but the posts say otherwise.
Anyway, there are certain rules that every single one of us, including me of course, have to abide by, but you also have to abide by rules... the most important... to be impartial. I am sure you are trying to keep law and order, but your judgment in this matter is partly along the lines of ... Being right does not equal getting right. Please don't feel offended, but I think that criticism that one accepts, be it positive or negative, can be very helpful.


I also wrote to you, I told you that I was sorry for the closure of your thread, especially since I was involved in the dispute. I also remain... sry.


Nice of you that you have apologized even if it was not really meant by you, the Julian you could deceive with it, was probably your only intention behind it. If you had not mentioned that you were allegedly attacked, although you were obviously the aggressor, and at the end again put on it with the word "conspiracy theory", which is known to be negatively afflicted, then I would have accepted the apology. Nevertheless, I am not at war with you and think it best to ignore your comments in the future as far as I can.


I hope for a better interaction in the future.

In fact, I have dealt with exactly that and just think a little differently about it. I also wanted to go actually only on the eternal jibes concerning Julian's age because I find it absolutely not in order that the age of a person is made in negative way to use! I myself have met many people who have experienced so much for your age and had to learn and experience much earlier than some others in higher age. This shapes and contributes enormously to how a person develops and behaves! Therefore, I would like to emphasize again that you have to consider each person as an individual and it can never be only the age that brings maturity! There are quite people who can meet with 23 far more mature and more thoughtful decisions than some older person!

Regarding the closed topic I find, there would have been of course other possibilities! But as Julian has already said he is also only a man and he must now times make a decision. He will never be able to make it right for everyone...

Despite everything, I found it just not ok again (!!) to question his authority just because he is 23....

On the subject of general suspicion...

First I would like to mention that I have absolutely nothing against Stkrie. It is perfectly ok if he expresses his opinion! That he is sometimes too impulsive I noticed of course and that this kind sometimes takes over! For me, he is still a normal person and respected user here in the forum!

General suspicion is how I find a little far-fetched... I think after several admonitions falls the attention simply rather on Stkrie just because there were already often such incidents and because he was nowmal actually very often involved in discussions that did not always run objectively... I can understand that somewhere, but also understand if you do not share my opinion! That Stkrie is treated unfairly I feel absolutely not so because he is despite all warnings still here where others have already been permanently banned. Which warning was now justified and which was not is also in the eye of the beholder because everyone understands a post differently! You do not know each other and can only guess how something is meant! That is why there are also often heated discussions!

That with the death threat I have not noticed therefore I can not say anything about it...

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Unfortunately, you're wrong, because Danielowitch was exactly about these scatters. To now claim that it has once again become unobjective, does not apply here.

If you have decided to stay away from the forum, because it is heated, this is your right, but I count you among those who have often discussed quite impulsively in various threads.

That no other opinion may be expressed without escalating or one is immediately attacked, I'm with you. You deliver unfortunately also directly for it a good example, you assume namely immediately that those who do not share your or a certain opinion, would have to be frustrated. So, I am neither frustrated nor do I try to let out my anger here... quite the opposite, I live in harmony with myself.


If you were primarily concerned with addressing the issue of age, you must have understood from my contribution that our opinions are the same in this respect.

That you see that as an advantage, that the Stkrie is still here despite multiple warnings, I do not necessarily see so. That's exactly the point, that many warnings have been issued, where others were not warned for at least the same offenses. Is that now luck for Stkrie or rather bad luck for him and luck for the other sinners? xD

In another point I agree with you, I think that the same decision, no matter how it is made, can have a positive effect on one person and a negative effect on another. Therefore, it is important to decide neutrally.


Without big words... I do not doubt that you are trying to do the right thing and that the question, right or wrong is often difficult to answer. That much is also unnecessary, if each individual would adhere to certain rules. I also make an effort to choose my words thoughtfully, vlt I do not always succeed, but that's exactly what you should throw an eye, not everything that sounds evil at first glance, is also evil and not everything that sounds nice to the words, is meant to be nice.


Whether someone writes, "This person is stupid" or "This person is of simple nature", one sounds evil the other less. But it does not change the fact that in both sentences the meaning remains the same.

This is what I call the art of writing, which is mastered by some users and not by others.




Life is too short... the weather is nice xD

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this is really too stupid for me. I better leave the forum. Let the quarrelers and conspiracy theorists have their playground here.

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j****3 wrote on 07/29/2018 at 11:31 am: this is really too stupid for me. I better leave the forum. Let the arguers and conspiracy theorists have their playground here.

Bye ðŸ''

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j****3 wrote on 07/29/2018 at 11:31 am: this is really too stupid for me. I better leave the forum. Let the arguers and conspiracy theorists have their playground here.

Kinda missed the point of a forum!
In which forum there is not that?
And then still Nachzutreten makes it somehow not exactly better,
and places itself thereby on the same level of those, which allegedly disturb it.

Conspiracy theorist....

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Find Julian does it quite well

You can not make it just everyone right

Then the crybabies should open their own forum and that's it. Do not understand the problem ...

Here everyone is complaining and crying

We are not a forum for psychological zockerprobleme, because many make here the appearance their losses or depressions on the forum to reflect

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Top Member
I also think Julian is doing well.
He has also shown himself self-critical several times.
I think it is also very difficult to please everyone.

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sergioslot wrote on 07/29/2018 at 12:27 pm: Think Julian is doing quite well

You just can not please everyone

Then the crybabies should open their own forum and good. Do not understand the problem ...

Here everyone is grumbling and crying

We are not a forum for psychological zockerprobleme, because many make here the appearance their losses or depressions on the forum to reflect

Do I have to search out all the old posts again, where you are whining and complaining?

Sometimes I really think of a split personality

Would be then also with it in the new forum!
I'm glad!

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Ok let's just leave it... don't feel like arguing with you all the time

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