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Feedback: Gamblejoe Advent Calendar (Page 59)

Topic created on 01st Dec. 2019 | Page: 59 of 86 | Answers: 856 | Views: 138,872
Begbie wrote on 14.12.2019 at 02:51: well as previously said, the "RNG" has now selected its 40-50 people and between those will be played out for now until further notice. the other participants would statistically certainly be considered at some point, but only after hundreds more runs. As it was to be seen also in the video...

Nana, do not always see so black. We have, according to the current status (17.12.2019 10:10 clock) so far 340 tickets raffled and these were divided among 230 users.

saLtybOi wrote on 15.12.2019 at 18:27 Clock: Mal ne question, when I open the current door of the calendar it says "today you have not won tomorrow is a new day to win" does that mean that I have definitely participated in the lottery or can it also be that I was not qualified and did not play?!

If you do not participate, then there is, for example, as with me, such a text:

Hello Counter,

on this day a total of 293 GambleJoe members participated in the lottery,
but unfortunately you were not among the participants. (Information about the lottery)

auswerlNRW wrote on Dec 15, 2019 at 2:18 pm
Alright, have been waiting for a MESSAGE all this time. I didn't even look in the dashboard
It's taken care of. Is there

We had changed that on multiple request, that the notification by this red dot only time-delayed occurs. There were several requests from users who wanted to watch the lottery video first (for the monthly lottery) to see if they were drawn. So that one is informed nevertheless, if one does not notice the lottery, there is then somewhat later naturally the reference.

Mammon wrote on 16.12.2019 at 18:13: The random generator does not like names with the first letter "M" so, haha

Congrats to the winners of the last promotions.

Nöp, there have already been I think 23 wins that start with an M. Including you. Congratulations

I wish you continued good luck with the Advent Calendar!

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Winners up to and including 16.12.
If you look at this list, the impression that "always the same" are drawn, is relativized in any case.
Many different names have been drawn.
Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that one could come up with something regarding the fairness with regard to future lotteries.
For example, that a user can win a maximum of three tickets during the entire raffle period.
Or that a user cannot be drawn on two days in a row.
This increases the chance for users who have not yet been drawn.
Personally, I think that this argument is more effective than the argument that every user has the same chance every day.
But this is only my opinion. Please understand as a constructive hint, not as criticism!

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Latino wrote on 12/17/2019 05:21: This constant complaining is a disgrace.
RNG is what it is and a generator certainly doesn't select specific users.
Advertising it is also none since GambleJoe does not advertise this action outside its own site (why not actually ?)
So it is a fine action of the GambleJoe team to give something back to its users

Why is it unfair as it is now ? Everybody has the same chance and here it depends on luck. Who has much luck wins just more...

It is not unfair before but it would be more just/fairer to grant the others also times what if one had already luck. I do not like people or vultures who always think only I I I...... (not related to you

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I find it ne super thing
Yes I have had the luck to be drawn 2x and also hope for a third time
Luck, coincidence or whatever....

Just be happy that here is such a great lottery, you open at 18 clock the Toerchen and have won with luck.

I do not know any even rudimentary other community / team what so what haut out.

Thank you for the exciting remaining days until Christmas

This post has been translated automatically

So I now also times to speak out
Gamblejoe has probably the best Advent calendar ever. 10 euros just like that if you are drawn. That there are therefore any discussions and whining by some because some have more luck is terrible. The action still runs a few days and it is soon Christmas. I can only say I begrudge everyone here no matter how many times he is drawn in a row. Why can not you just be happy? If you whine because of 10 euros already because you do not get them every day, or until now only once, then you should seriously question yourself times

I find the action very generous and not self-evident

contemplative days wishes you your Cheesy

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Man people be nice to each other

This post has been translated automatically

Well, I've been following along a bit here, and there's really only envy and resentment.
It doesn't affect me in two respects. I am not allowed to participate, and about 10 euros
i laugh my head off. It's frightening to see what 10 euros can do.

As a GJ, I would either stop the campaign, or simply block the winners for at least a day
for one day. Might bring more justice in. I don't give a damn
i also give nothing
Alternatively, simply give a PSC to the 1000 most active members on the 24th.
For what marketing reasons GJ holds on to this system, I do not know
but also do not know. Seems to be so often. But it will probably make sense in terms of
Make sense, otherwise it would be long ago stopped.

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I don't like people or vultures who always think only me me me......

I don't like them either

It should also be bischen exciting (I think), otherwise GambleJoe could simply draw 520 people on the 24zigsten and throw in the PSC the mailbox. But satürlich I begrudge each participant one of these cards (do not participate myself) and keep my fingers crossed all.

Analogy: Imagine that slots would be fairer .... I think then they would lose much of their appeal. A Dead or Alive II with 500x Maxwin would hardly anyone play

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robby811 wrote on 17.12.2019 at 11:27 am
It is not unfair before but it would be more just/fairer the others just also times what to grant if one had already luck. I don't like people or vultures who always think only me me me...... (not referring to you

It would not change anything, then one would simply demand more compromises or make demands. If more and more people are screened out so that others can win, there will inevitably be more and more names that are not so well known and then it will really boil off when one still does not win.

It would be fairest if nobody wins anymore, then nobody can get upset or if the winners are only allowed to determine the place of donation. Then the interest in the lottery would be gone with over 99% here quite fast (including me). Why should one make the effort to restructure a relatively fair system? That would be unfair especially to those who just had little luck, because currently someone who had a lot of bad luck before (e.g. me) can compensate it by two quick wins in a row (e.g. me). Under the new system, people who were lucky are the ones who would benefit the most.

You can't make it right for anyone, if people demand something like this then they can start their own PSC lottery with a good example. Mine was prevented by exactly these people, because of distrust you have to be registered for 6 months and that because it was repeated again and again that they wanted to give new users the and the rules for their lotteries. And there I am also the desire and joy of it completely gone, because such gestures are simply considered a matter of course.

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laptop wrote on 12/17/2019 12:51 PM
Alternatively, just give a PSC to, say, the 1000 most active members on the 24th.

So we already tried this, rewarding the most active members. But there is criticism there too
(Also) then it is said for example
- just because I don't have so much time, I don't have a chance
- Hey, someone has registered and is only active in order to pick up cards
- and there was a lot of spam and even more unrest

Then suddenly sayings come up like e.g: Hey, most of the contributions of user A are not as great as those of user B and the like. Then one would have to examine again what "activities" one has and how one weights the "qualitatively". Best still personally, whereby one would scream then again "pushing", since it would be a "personal" selection.

It is just not so simple and therefore the action with the Advent calendar and this kind of random selection. So there are probably also users who unfortunately have bad luck and do not win a card. But who registers daily before 18:00 clock (then depending on the points limit on each calendar day) has so already times daily a chance to participate

Even if you are a bit annoyed about one or the other contribution (because sometimes without understanding of the matter and personal attacks), there is enough positive feedback to the action.

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