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Online Casinos in general: Skill On Net Ltd deducted for half a year

Topic created on 11th Apr. 2024 | Page: 1 of 1 | Answers: 5 | Views: 860
I've been tempted to talk about it for a while, but I've left it until now to avoid drawing too much attention to it. But now they've noticed and taken action. So:

Towards the end of last year, I noticed that there is a serious loophole in the rewards/bonus system of all Skill on net casinos, which you can easily use to get money credited to your account. Of course, it's about the freeroll tournaments, in which I participated regularly at the beginning with all my authorized Skill on net casino accounts, which were initially about 4 or 5. Even at that time, it happened from time to time that bugs or other system errors, so I thought at first, somehow led to I say unlawful bonus credits. At first, of course, I gratefully attributed this to chance - what else can you do? At some point, I noticed that these unjustified credits occurred more frequently when players were interrupted for various reasons. Especially when regularly participating in network tournaments with several accounts, it can happen that things don't always go as planned. The connection breaks down or you are distracted, not fully focused, get into internalized automated navigation to the next casino too early and without realizing it, even though you were still in the middle of the game. [*Please don't text me when I'm gambling!😄*] Well, I'm sure most people are familiar with this.

So I tried to bring about this effect. I made a few attempts to cancel and resume Tournament games after the tournament had ended, but to no avail. In the meantime, however, I was absolutely sure that it must be possible as I had experienced it myself a few times. The next time I tried it, I simply allowed more time to pass before resuming the game. Just give it a day or more. Next attempt. I immediately feel vindicated when I want to redeem a ticket and for the first time seriously see the countdown, i.e. the remaining time that the ticket is still valid. 24 hours. redeemable for 24 hours (from the moment of entry) for a tournament with a duration of 2 hours. So let's see what happens if you start the games, cancel them and then close them 24 hours later. That was the solution. Just finish a day later and the wins are credited. Of course, Playojo always had top priority, as there are no Wagering requirements and no limits. Everywhere else, the amount was credited as bonus credit, which had to be wagered 60 times. The bonus ID and code were all automatically assigned by the system and properly listed in the bonus section of the cash register, so everything looked correct and legal to a scrutinizing eye.

There was also an official, automated e-mail notification that the bonus had been credited in the amount of XY. Max. Cashout 100€ or double the bonus amount, whichever was higher. After I had dared to cash out such a fraudulent amount for the first time (feared account closures or general exclusion from the promotion forever) and this had been successfully carried out as usual after 24 hours, I decided to make a minimum Deposit at all Skill on net casinos so that I could take part in the tournaments with each casino in order to hack the bonuses. After a total of 13 eligible casinos, however, that was enough for me. Accepting the tickets twice a day 13 times a day at 16:00 and 22:00 CET one after the other, then starting the games one after the other the next day and collecting the wins - it became a cycle in which I was firmly involved for all those months. Sessional tickets at Easter or Christmas could also be abused in the same way. First scam Ojo for real money and then get 12 Bonuses, sometimes stacking them regardless of the main thing: credit and then 24/7 wagering. The lousy chance of success at 60x in DE was increased by endless availability and many payouts followed and nobody caused any problems.

Once I wanted to withdraw 3k from the euspielothek. I had previously paid out 100 the max withdrawal amount to see what happened to the remaining balance. It stayed on it and since I had also wagered several bonuses in a row in that case and now thought they didn't see anything anyway, I thought it would be fine. That was the only time I was contacted by support. Subject "Bonus Breach" I thought that was it, accounts blocked or action exclusion forever - no, I was only reminded of the bonus and payout conditions that the payout attempt of 3k is a bonus violation, 100 max cashout would be, but I would be paid 150 as a gesture of goodwill.
Since yesterday I have the error message temporary unavailable bla. everywhere in BoD where there are still unfinished bonus games that are no longer valid and would have credited me the amount before. Payouts still work, even amounts that were obtained in this way.

Well, that's it. I thought it was a big deal. Now it would be bonus time again but nope.

Edit by Andre: Paragraphs added for better readability

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Without paragraphs it is really exhausting to read such a text.

Just a Tip for next time.

This post has been translated automatically

Cool story, what did you end up doing in cash?

The fact that the casino paid you an extra 50i as a gesture of goodwill is also too cool😂
That would be a freakout if that had happened with a "real depositor", so it's just cool 😂

Well done 👍

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Thank you

As a rule, I have actually paid out 300 to 500 within 30 days. A bit more at Christmas and Easter. Mostly deposited elsewhere, but of course I kept playing with the amounts and burned through far too much.

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Oh, it's working again. No longer the highest bet, but oh well ^^

This post has been translated automatically

then delete this now, otherwise the thing will be through at some point

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