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Online Casinos in general: LeoVegas - pure disappointment... (Page 2)

Topic created on 15th Apr. 2024 | Page: 2 of 2 | Answers: 18 | Views: 1,018

TomausGraz wrote on 15.04.2024 at 18:14: @frapi..what annoyed me additionally was after I wrote him all the info again at once, he said that's not how it works and wanted to ask everything again exactly..that was enough for should just have a bit of feeling for good customers and not fool them..I'm very patient anyway

He didn't do it 100% to annoy you. There are employees who really follow all the rules and some who are a bit more relaxed. They don't give a bonus based on sympathy, but check the system to see if they are allowed to (in principle, this means that you must have lost at least X amount).

Believe me, they certainly want to avoid making you feel like you're being taken for a ride. They are the first to be kicked out if the course goes badly. I also work in service and sometimes catch myself acting strictly according to the rules and sometimes turning a blind eye. Of course, you always try to treat every customer equally well, but if it's something small, you don't feel like writing to the customer about it and possibly upsetting them. Sometimes customers also have a bad day and may be less understanding. I've experienced both.

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TomausGraz wrote on 15.04.2024 at 13:02: I answered all the questions correctly. I was then kicked out and a minute later back if he couldn't remember anything. Then I wrote all the answers again by myself...including my phone number... Then he said he asks every question separately, starting with the phone number....

How can you not feel like you're being taken for a ride?
I have always recommended LeoVegas to others, including friends....

But after more than 10 years and tens of thousands of euros spent there, you don't deserve to be treated like that !!!!?

Truthfulness is 100%..and I let extra time fly over it before I write to support again and post this here !!!!!!

Don't get so upset, there are wrinkles

Of course you feel like you're being taken for a ride, but just look at the times we live in - yes man, you can get a lawsuit filed here for discrimination if you unintentionally address a woman on the street as Sie because she identifies as a stone from Timbuktu

In this idiocy, everyone has to protect themselves embarrassingly and the chat employees also have to carry out their data protection lists 1:1 because imagine you were away and at least theoretically it could now be another person! Is it possible? Yep, are 20 correct numbers in the lottery more likely? For sure, but in a time where anyone can sue anyone for the stupidest things, I am not surprised at all by such behavior

Funnily enough, the opinion used to be that only in America there were such stupid laws as burning coffee or the hamster in the microwave, but now that we've already overtaken them 100,000 times, you just have to adapt to the times

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they have to secure themselves etically, otherwise they could no longer practice their profession (or vocation) and invoke the sacred Basic Law

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MisterL wrote on 16.04.2024 at 17:51: they have to secure themselves etically otherwise they could no longer practice their profession (or vocation) and invoke the sacred Basic Law

Please water your plants

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