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Online Casinos in general: Casino the glass is finally full (Page 2)

Topic created on 08th Mar. 2024 | Page: 2 of 2 | Answers: 21 | Views: 1,753
Top Member

MisterL wrote on 13.03.2024 at 16:26:

stop judging other people with your statements .

Sometimes you write really funny 1-2 liners. I wonder what your short text would look like under each of your posts 😂

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"if i were king of germany"

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Top Member

Dutch78 wrote on 13.03.2024 at 17:12: Dear Zocker0815;

had read your post, which was removed due to provocation, before it was edited.
I think it's a shame that you are verbally attacking a section of society.
You deny their humanity because they receive benefits from the welfare state and therefore call them pathetic.
The task of a welfare state is to look after everyone in the country, roughly speaking.
Here it's a give and take, for most people it's balanced, but there are also a lot of people who are on the wrong side, both upwards and downwards, many who are temporarily "down" would do anything to ensure that the scales are at least balanced again and of course there are also some who exploit this system.
But all of this reflects humanity as a whole and you will find the same in every other country in the world.
The difference, however, is that in many countries there is no parachute to help you survive if something unexpected happens.
Am I judging you correctly from afar and you don't earn much more than the minimum wage?
If that's the case, then I understand your reflex to want to step down even further, but that's exactly where the error in your thinking lies, but I can't blame you for that either, because that's how it's exemplified and all the decision-makers are happy that a lot of things that are really important are overlooked as a result.
Do you have the feeling that you should be earning more money than you are at the moment?
Then focus only on yourself and what you have to offer.
Don't blame others if it doesn't work out, there's nothing others can do about it.

Long story short.
Start with yourself if you want to live better and stop judging people for what or who they are.
I know it's a utopian view of humanity as a whole, but maybe it will make you think.

P.S: Prejudices are also easy to use. In the original text you wrote "jemmerlich".
It would be easy for me to write that you should at least write this expression correctly when you use it and that it could be an indication of education.
Little education could then also suggest a job where you don't earn as much as you might like.
But you read yourself, that would be a prejudice and therefore easy to use, but that's why everything is in the subjunctive.
I don't know you, your environment, your career and your social structures and even if I did, nobody would give me the right to judge you, maybe you're a rocket scientist, who knows?

All the best, also professionally.

as you call into the forest, so it comes back......

you want to tell me not to judge others?

but the other guy has a right to call me "addicted to gambling" and ridicule my post without even reading my post? (like he said he did not)

the fact that i then go out on a limb and write what i think is only because of this reason, because he thought to label me as a gambling addict and to judge me although the internet rambo has 0 plan what is actually the matter

should i let that sit on me my dear? surely not

your whole ellen long text goes past me in the ass, if someone makes a fool of me then i tell him my opinion and what i think of him...

if he had formulated the whole thing in a question or made a pertinent contribution to the whole thing, I would never have received such an answer from me, the guy is a pure put-down anyway everything he writes he pulls into ridicule or down...

and then he's surprised when someone speaks his mind,

PS as one calls in the forest.........

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Top Member

zocker0815 wrote on 13.03.2024 at 19:21: you want to tell me not to prejudge others?your whole ellen long text goes past my ass, if someone makes a fool of me then I tell him my opinion and what I think of him...

My dear, I can understand your displeasure, far be it from me to deny you this, quite the opposite.
My post was not about who is insulting whom, who is right and who is wrong, it was about your statement that you describe Hartz4 recipients as miserable.
Do you understand that you are insulting and discrediting a whole section of the population, even though you only wanted to express your opinion to a single user?
Apparently you really didn't read the whole text, otherwise I don't understand your objection that I would want to tell you not to judge others.
You can only allow yourself to make a judgment if you know the other person, it's pretty much in the last paragraph of the text, which passes you by the ass, but of course that's your right.
The same applies to your own opinions; in order to be able to form them, you need a variety of different sources, which in the best case are also a colorful mix, in order to inform yourself.
I form my opinion or point of view based on these sources.
But now comes something very important: opinions and points of view should not be definitive.
This also includes listening to other points of view and reconsidering and rejecting them, or possibly reconsidering or adapting your own and then there is also the possibility of thinking outside the box, but that would go beyond the scope here and is not suitable for everyone.
That's the real essence of the whole thing
If you haven't made it this far, then congratulations, because I'll let you in on a secret.
Sometimes long texts lead to books, sometimes even very good books, which are also excellent for forming opinions, it may be old school, but reading really does educate.
Nothing is further from my mind than wanting to attack you in any way or form, as written, I can understand your reaction, I also don't like being called something that I'm not, but then stand up to him directly instead of getting a whole group on board that has nothing to do with your argument.
This is precisely the danger and the phenomenon of clichés and prejudices: one or a few people from a group do something that you shouldn't do and it quickly applies to the whole group, even though it's only individuals or small parts of it.

But now all the best, also professionally, and stay exactly as you are if you are happy with your current life.

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Top Member

gamble1 wrote on 13.03.2024 at 16:49:

Honestly don't want to judge the statements but the fact is he was also provoked

thanks to someone who understands me too, as I said, I wouldn't have reacted like that, but if someone is just going for it, and then it's someone who always has to drag everything into the negative with his contributions, or into the ridiculous......

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It's really funny here...I laughed heartily. Yes, with some casinos you can experience some pretty intense things. It's okay to vent sometimes. I know the anger. Don't get angry. Draw the consequences and warn did everything right. The booths will disappear at some point.

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Top Member
-- Further unnecessary provocation has been removed --

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