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Hello Geeman and the others,

it was exactly the same for me. Had also once zigtausend on my player account. However, I never played slots, which for me is the biggest scam ever. I only played Roulette, where you actually still have a pretty high chance of winning. However, you have this chance only if you are not greedy like me.

After I gambled away all my money, I still deposited and lost. Until I then also lost my credit rating.

End of the song private insolvency. So Geeman believe me when I tell you- please stop gambling for money. don't gamble your life away!

There are nicer things in life than chasing after those 5 explorers in Books of Ra, which may appear once every 5 years, but only if you bet a lot of money.

I advise you a therapy and self-help group. your family doctor can help you.

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The last months are de horror nothing goes

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Top Member
You can also just put in everything you have.No money = less loss

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No !

Because for this my money is much too good !

Limit is the magic word

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Top Member
Sweep88 wrote on 07/07/2019 at 00:12: No !

Because my money is way too good for that !

Limit is the magic word

The word you are looking for is self control aka use Brain.exe

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So let's be's ridiculous how some people let themselves be blocked everywhere, so according to the motto "Help just do not let me loose on mankind anymore, I'm unpredictable !
And one goes me also still so on the transmitter,
so if I have the Faxxen thick with the Zockerei, then I want to know nothing more of the subject to come to other thoughts or not?
No...... then there are still those here who are whining all day about their failures and failures.

My goodness.....if you no longer want to play, log off here and please look for forums with other topic content and not just about gambling.
That's exactly the same as if you have a house ban in the dive but still hang out all day in front of the door in the parking lot.

Losing is as much a part of life as winning......
If you challenge luck, then you automatically have bad luck because it is not granted to you.

Edit: Gray color adjusted for readability.

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You are (we are) all not alone guys / girls, without now more to go into the matter purely...

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Unfortunately yes.

Today is the 13th and I have only 50€ until the end of the month.

Although I earn quite well as a single.
Is mystens monthly beginning, equal to the first week almost everything gone.

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Then you unfortunately have a big problem and should rethink your actions

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It has one plus point: you now know what it's like to have to make do with little money.
You also learn from such situations.

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