A few days ago, the Hessische Rundfunk published an interesting documentary called ”7 days in the casino”. This documentary is surprisingly objective, and it tackles the issue of gambling without many prejudices. But where can one access the TV-report online and what is it exactly about?

On several occasions in the past, we had reported about documentaries and reports about the issue of online casinos and sports betting. Exactly around a year ago we had reported about an ARD-documentary called “Dangerous Sports betting. At that time, the TV-report had received several criticisms since it was too criticising and negative. Last Sunday the 29th. May 2022 at 18.30 a new documentary called “7 days in the casino” was broadcasted as part of the schedule of the Hessischen Rundfunk. 

Journalist wants to get to know “casino visitors”

One can easily notice from the beginning that the journalist Anne-Katrin Eutin does not hold the classical prejudice against casinos and that she does not want to shed a bad light on them. Moreover, she wants to show in an unbiased way, which type people spend their free time in a casino. At the beginning, Eutin raises the following question: 

“Do all the people there really have an addiction problem or do they simply have a good time?”
As the documentary name itself indicates, the reporter spent a week working as service staff in a casino in Oberursel in the Rhineland Palatinate, to be able to answer this question better. She then tried to talk to the guests and to observe and later analyse the behaviour of the guests. During the week there she also had the opportunity to talk to the other employees and the casino operators. Of course, she also had a turn at the slot machines. In April 2021 we had published an article about the critical contribution “plusminus“, which was about the new gambling treaty.

Many guests do not fit in with the stereotyped cliche`

What is surprising in the documentary is that the journalist concludes that many guests do not fit in with the stereotyped cliche`. Moreover, the journalist could observe that a wide variety of people from different social classes visited the casino. The guests varied from a mother who wanted to take some time out from her family to a pensioner who was a former government employee and thus there were many different people there. The complete documentary can be freely accessed in the ARD- media library up to the 5th. June 2022.

One can access the documentary here:

During her week there, the journalist spoke, among others, with Eric, who works in gastronomy. During the interview he states that his visits to the casino are not very regular, and he only gambles a very low amount. He controls and limits himself and he also has control over his gambling behaviour. Anne-Katrin Eutin was impressed by the variety of guests there, but she said:

“There are many lonely wolves in the gambling hall. But not more than one can find in the pub around the corner. I would even say that the people here are more diverse, there are more females and they are younger.”

Towards the end of the documentary Eutin also visits a counselling centre for youths and addicts. The expert who was interviewed here states that many of the young people who make use of the help services are mainly gamblers who participate in online gambling. In July 2021 we had published a handbook about the biggest mistakes of beginners when gambing.


The documentary which was aired on the Hessischen Rundfunk and which is around 30 minutes long is definitely recommended for all gambling fans. It gives an objective and interesting overview of the daily life in a casino, and it shows that the guests over there are in no way all criminals, unemployed or scruffy. Moreover, one can here also find family fathers, employees and pensioners which one can also meet in other places in our daily life. Of course, in the case of land-based casinos – similar to online casinos- there are also addresses which are less attractive than others

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