Since the new State Gambling Act in Germany came into force, there is a deposit limit of 1000 Euro per player across all providers. A few weeks ago, the neighbouring country Belgium followed suit and adjusted its stake limit for online gambling. However, in this case, the new deposit limit is per provider and not valid across all providers.

In October of last year, we had reported that a gambling reform is coming into force in Belgium. A few weeks ago, the Belgian Gambling Commission had announced, that even the monthly deposit limit will be significantly reduced. The protection of the player can be better guaranteed in this way. However, players can still continue to register with different providers and exploit the limit at each provider. Recently we reported that in Greece the deposit limit per player has been increased from 2 to 20 Euro.

Gambling limit will be reduced from 500 to 200 Euro per provider

In Belgium there is currently a weekly limit of 500 Euro per player and provider. As from October of this year, this limit will be reduced once again. To be more precise, every player can deposit a maximum of 200 Euro per week and provider. Therefore, as from October players from Belgium may deposit a maximum of 800 euro.

However, this limit is per provider, so that it will still be possible and permitted to deposit up to 800 euro in each different online casino. In an article published in February of this year we had already talked about the impending stricter gambling regulations in Belgium.

Exemptions will still be possible

Similar to Germany, in Belgium, exemptions will still be possible. Accordingly, individual players can still apply at the respective online gambling provider for an increase in the weekly limit. However, in these cases, it must be proved each time, that the player has the financial means to deposit more money and also to be able to lose it, whilst gambling.

The online casinos should here for example, enquire with the national bank about the credit situation of the player, to be able to determine the liquidity of the player. Some months ago, we had published in an article the issue of whether, online gambling can have an impact on credit rating and can lead to a negative credit rating.


In several European countries, such as Belgium and Germany, there are very strict regulations to protect the player from online gambling. As from October of this year, players in Belgium may deposit a maximum of 200 Euro per week at each provider. However, the reasoning behind such a regulation is questionable, since every player may register with several different providers without any problems and thus be able to exploit the weekly limit at each one. Therefore, we are excited to see whether the new regulation will actually be effective and whether it will actually be protecting the player.

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