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Deposit and withdrawal methods: LUGAS (deposit limit) (Page 6)

Topic created on 02nd Jun. 2022 | Page: 6 of 6 | Answers: 51 | Views: 15,335
The article has been removed because GGL, or rather a lawyer, commissioned me to use a clear name, although this gentleman can be found on the internet with a clear name at LUGAS with video on YouTube and other press releases.

Typical authorities, they don't manage to set up a simple system for data Verification, but get upset about a clear name and skillfully ignore every mail and other letters of the last few months.

No, the GGL is reading along here and a gentleman from the department there has probably felt addressed, but as the GGL or LUGAS department has not made any further efforts and has not responded to my letters to find a solution, so it was passed on to the regional court a few months ago and the -Specific reference to the person had to be removed for security reasons - will receive an answer soon enough.

Also because it is still possible to circumvent the Deposit limit by more than the legal amount of €1000 with the respective providers with a DE license and without a monthly increase, despite the accuracy of my information. So I am simply collecting more evidence until the hearing.

This means that if you have reached €1000 with one DE Provider, you can deposit another €1000 with the other, but this must not be possible without an increase, according to the video and excerpt from the State Treaty on Gambling, which in my view means that the GGL or LUGAS is disregarding its own requirements.

But the GGL or LUGAS naturally blames the problem on the providers and customers of the platforms, which is again typical of the authorities, simply shifting problems onto others instead of starting with themselves.

For me, the fault here lies quite clearly with the system LUGAS as far as overpayments are concerned and, in my view, they are also responsible for monitoring and are also liable if this system fails or does not work. That's why I have a district court check who is responsible for the overpayment when a system is supposed to be running in the background to prevent this from happening!

Then you should simply make direct specifications for every DE license provider, i.e. standardize (form according to GGL specifications) in order to avoid something like this, but even the ladies and gentlemen there can't do that.

Edit by Julian: Text line on possible reference of the person had to be adapted

This post has been translated automatically

I would also like to add that we are talking about Player protection here, which means protecting the player.

There are enough players who don't have themselves under control and, due to what I see as a negligent mistake like this, can get themselves into further unnecessary debt. Quite apart from the fact that it contradicts the actual principle.

I have drawn the attention of the GGL and the LUGAS department to this, but nothing has changed and the problem still exists.

The ladies and gentlemen are accusing me of spreading "untruths", no I am not, I can gladly prove my depositors with DE providers plus the profile data submitted in the profile and these are all identical, no deviation in the name, address or similar, so how does this problem come about?

But people would rather try to avoid this problem in silence and denounce people with lawyers and the like to divert attention from the problem.

I confronted the GGL or LUGAS department with this more than half a year ago and nothing has changed to this day, the problem still exists and you can Deposit more than 1000 €. This means that if you have reached the limit with one DE Provider, you can still deposit €1000 with the next provider, even though there is no extended limit increase.

This post has been translated automatically

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